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Ultimate Japanese Experience at Aozora Japanese Restaurant

A Japanese Restaurant offering Bulalo Ramen? Seriously, this is the reason why I am so excited to try this restaurant – Aozoa Japanese Restaurant in Tagaytay. Currently, have 2 branches in Tagaytay, one is in the compound of Containers Eco Hotel and their 2nd branch is near People’s Park.

Aozora Japanese Restaurant

The Restaurant

Aozora restaurant
This is where taste meets sky, an ideal ambiance for the individuals who want for a perfect dining experience in an ultimate eating place in Tagaytay. Eating in Aozora will give you an absolutely romantic, quiet and marvelous feeling. An ideal place for dates, family dinings, bunch trips, unique occasions like wedding, birthday, or simply being separated from everyone else with your favorite book or wine.
The food is essentially delectable, and its natural. Arranged and cooked in genuine Japanese style and ingredients by their Japanese Chef. Envision that you can taste quality and genuine Japanese sustenance in an extremely moderate cost in addition to a decent feasting space in a pleasant climate of Tagaytay.


Their mark dish – Bulalo ramen is just a superb taste. They likewise have their best Maki station, Sashimi, Katsu dishes, Curry dishes, Teriyaki, and Yakiniyu. Their Matcha Ice cream is likewise great (coming from a NOT Matcha fan).


Fish Head. Taste 3.5/5



Kani Salad. 3.5/5



Mixed Rice. Taste: 3.5/5



Tamago Rice. Taste 4/5



Rice Toppings with Beef Teriyaki. Taste 4/5



Sweet Sukiyaki Soup. Taste 4/5


Pork Tonkatsu with curry sauce, and veggies. Taste 4/5


Bento – with thinly sliced beef, veggies, and rice. Taste: 4/5



OMG! This Bulalo Ramen is a MUST-TRY! (Like super babalik balikan ko if I’m in Tagaytay).
Taste: 5/5



Karaage, Taste: 3.5/5


So, if you are in town and craving for some Japanese food, do not miss visiting Aozora Japanese Restaurant. Located at Purok 157, Tagaytay-Calamba main rd, Sungay East, Tagaytay City. Just right in front of Southridge Village. Their first branch is in front of Containers Hotel, located at SVD rd.  You may reach them at 0977-6837353.

P.s. Thanks, to Hanny and Renz for sharing some of their shots for this blog.

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November 24, 2018 at 9:26 am

Nag paplan ako mag staycation sa tagaytay this december. Do you have recommendations na pwedeng pag stayan malapit dito? 🙂 I'll definitely go to this japanese resto!

November 24, 2018 at 9:28 am

Sis, I have tried Eco Hotel infront in Serin Mall and View Park Hotel near pini. Grove naman. Both below 3k per night.

November 26, 2018 at 2:02 am

I totally agree when you said it's an ideal place for dates! Besides the delicious food, I love the ambiance of the place. I'll bring my boyfie here!

November 26, 2018 at 2:02 am

Oh my! This is really my weakness. Aside it, I love how they arrange the plating and also the visuals of food, just provoking!

November 26, 2018 at 2:02 am

Favorite ko lahat ng food nila!!! As in from sashimi, rice meals and even up to desserts lahat palaban! Will come back for the ramen too!!

November 26, 2018 at 2:02 am

Wow Bulalo Ramen is love! Naglaway ako don! Sana mapuntahan ko yan this holiday season.

November 26, 2018 at 2:48 pm

Bulalo Ramen is quite interesting. Masarap naman ba? I'm used to Shoyu and Miso Ramen only. And yes, okay ang food presentation. looks appetizing.

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