Art Exhibit by Pilar Fall


I am such a HUGE fan of Filipino artists. I may not know all their names but whenever I see an art like paintings, sculpture, and even unconventional art like in BenCab Baguio, I am instantly amused with their gift and greatness in their craft.

When I was still in my early days of my marriage I triesd painting some artwork just so I can hang something in our new house because it’s all bare and white. I am not an amazing painter but at least I can still make a decent artwork, lol.



I am grateful to these local Filipino artist who decided to came back to their roots and showcase their amazing painting. One of which is Ms. Pilar Fall was born in Cotabato, Mindanao. Worked in the Guidance Department of Ateneo De Manila for two decades. In the 1980’s she and her two sons migrated in the USA, she first painted in her studio in San Clemente, California.





In 1994, she was awarded honors for her work in Niguel Art Association and in 2001 she held a one-woman exhibition in Antipolo, Philippines by Dr. Joven Cuanang titled “Recuerdos de Mama Desnudas y Floras”; her artwork showcased from her travel throughout the Philippines, Australia, Singapore, France, Japan, and United States.

Now she is back in the Philippines and she is more than inspired to create masterpiece while living in Tagaytay and it reflects her love for nature and life. She also paints nudes that captures the individual sensuousness of the model while expressing the diversity of cultures.






Her art can be seen and bought in Alabang Country Club until the end of December 2017.  You may email her at and you may check her instagram @pilarmfall, facebook page: Paintigs Pilar Nena Fall.

Art Exhibit by Pilar Fall


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