CEITEX Manila 2018

ceitex manila 2018

CEITEX Manila will hold an expo in SMX Mall of Asia from November 2-4, 2018. Several companies joined this Consumer Electronics and Information Technology Expo to showcase their brand and products. CEITEX MANILA 2018 is the pioneering ground region for an exhibit of improvements and breakthrough technologies in global of patron electronics & data technology

Positioned in Manila as an anchor marketppace, it is the platform for the international business trade among Asia and the rest of the globak wherein enterprise leaders and pioneering merchandise meet.
ceitex manila 2018


ceitex manila 2018
The occasion boasts of participation from company gamers from Asian countries with their western counterparts for the commercial enterprise suit-up with a purpose to be highlighted via new products displaybreakthrough product showscommitted era areasprofessionals & scholar competition and ground activation of company merchandising. 
ceitex manila 2018

Power Gaming
Information Technology
Electronic Technology
AI Robots
Emission Zero

Ceitex manila 2018
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CEITEX Manila 2018

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