Super fun day in Blogapalooza 2014

This is it! I get to attend Blogapalooza 2014 for the 1st time and I’m so thrilled and overwhelmed at the event. I went there with my cousin Gayle ( We came at SMX around 10:30 am, went straight to the registration booth to get our ID pass.
First booth we went was View Park Hotel and I got a tumbler and had picture at their booth.
Second booth, ZOMATO. I get to see Elaine of Zomato and played their spinning wheel/dare wheel. When the wheel stopped at RED you will choose a dare from their dare mug/box and you made the dare, you’ll have loot bag. If its WHITE, all you have to do is download the ZOMATO app and make 5 reviews and you’ll have a ZOMATO freebie.
I spin the wheel and I’m very lucky to have the RED dare. I picked the dare “Go to the stage and shout I LOVE ZOMATO”. At dahil makapal mukha ko, I did the dare. Mr. Vince of is at the stage that time and he is making his speach and I went to the stage, and told Vince I had a dare with Zomato. LOL, walang kaabog abog sumigaw ako ng I LOVE ZOMATO. And because of that, I got loot bag full of goodies and Banzai GC. (separate post for my Blogapalooza goodies)
Gayle had her dare as well, hers was “shout 3x I love Zomato. She did it as well. Ang dali lang sa kanya. 
At Ideal Vsion there’s an XBOX DANCE challenge. AT hindi namin pinalampas eto dahil gusto ko ng payong na premyo, lol.
It was almost lunch time, so we went to House of Lasagna and Yellowcab Pizza booth.
Chef’s Noodle and Niu of Vikings is also here.
We also tried this beer, from what I remember it’s from Thailand. It’s surprisingly good!
We designed our own doughnut at Krispy Kreme. I put on my name and my age coz I just turned 31 last OCtober 7.
We also joined Chooks to go game. It’s so much fun!
Flawless is here too. Ms. Maxene Magalona as one of the celebrity guests in Blogaalooza.
I got to play this game at ZION WIFI, unfortunately I wasn’t lucky to open a padlock but Gayle is her day. She opened one and got a GC.
We definitely had so much fun here and looking forward for next year’s Blogapalooza.

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