Ten Ren’s Tea Opened their 3rd Branch in the Philippines

ten ren tea opens their 3rd branch in the Philippines

Ten Ren’s Tea is one of the leading manufacturer and retailer of quality and specialty teas from Taiwan. They have numerous branches all over Asia and other parts of the globe: USA, Japan, Australia, Canada, Singapore, and Taiwan. 

Ten Rens Tea variants:

Green Tea
Jasmine Tea
Kings Tea
Black Tea
White Tea
Pouchong Tea
Pu-Erh Tea
Ti Kuan Yin Tea
Herbal and Blended Tea
Organic Tea
Flavored Tea

Tea Bags


tea varieties at ten ren tea shop in festival mall alabang

Health benefits of drinking tea:

Helps on your weight loss
May help protect your bones
May reduce the risk of heart attack or stroke
Less caffeine compare to coffee
Contains antioxidant
May help you to have better sleep
Soothe the digestive system
May help battle cancer


lee at ten ren's tea mall of asia


During the grand opening of Ten Rens Tea at Festival Mall, Alabang, we’re able to try their signature teas, fruit teas with a hint of mild green tea, and their version of Japanese cake with flavors of Red bean, and custard. At the store, you can also purchase Tea Sets, Snacks, Ginseng, and Gift Ideas.
ten ren tea festival alabang branch
They have fruit tea flavors of Mango, Melon, and Strawberry. My kid will definitely love this as she’s not a tea lover just like her momma. Good thing that their branches which I have checked like in Greenhills and in Mall of Asia has tables and chairs where you and your friends would enjoy sipping your hot tea or perhaps drinking your milk tea.
Drinks price range from 80-200 PHP / 1.50 to 4 USD only.
Visit their 3rd branch at Festival Mall, Alabang (near Landmark wing)

Ten Ren’s Tea Opened their 3rd Branch in the Philippines

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