The Urban Farm

Found another restaurant here at Robinsons Las Pinas. The Urban Farm is originally located in Paranaque near Tahanan Village. They opened their second branch in Robinsons Las Pinas. It was my second day to find another good restaurant with my Chichi.

From the restaurant’s tagline “Farm healthy good food”, they serve fresh and healthy style of food. The place is really inviting, coz of it’s greenish hues.

So, while checking on their menu, the waitress gave me a tea. Which I still tried though I’m not a tea lover. It’s good. I just forgot what herb/s they put on it.

I ordered roasted chicken. It has herbs on it which is not new for my palette. So, I think I paid too much for this dish, which is 220 php. Rice is too dry, chicken serving portion is small (very thin actually) and the gravy is made from the chicken marinate and they just put a little butter and some pepper and salt (well, that’s what it taste like). 
I ordered 5 pieces of double chocolate cookies for Chichi for 230-250 php. Good thing about this cookie, it has malunggay so it’s healthy (in a way). Again, too much for 250 pesos. After my meal, maybe it’s the restaurant manager who came up to me and asked how was my meal. I was so honest to say that it’s not a thumbs up meal. It’was a nice experience though. Anyway, thanks for the healthy meal The Urban Farm. 

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