Traveling Cebu x Philippine Airlines Bombardier Q400


Cebu is next to the Metro Manila’s busiest and urban city in the Philippines. A place where Sinulog is celebrated every January where millions of tourist from the Philippines and other countries flew to Cebu just to witness the festival. Here in the Philippines, every city, every province has their own festival to celebrate. Cebu is also known for having pristine beaches, canyoneering, whale sharks and LECHON!!!

I’m back again in Cebu and this time will be staying for 3 days to try their Lechon to not just one Lechon house/restaurant. I am not a Lechon eater, in fact, I only eat a small amount of it’s crispy and salty skin. However, when I first tasted Cebu’s Lechon I am totally shocked how it’s way different to all Lechon’s I have tried here in Manila. On the second day of our stay in Cebu, we first tried CNT Lechon, just a few meters away from Radisson Blu and Bayfront Hotel.
You can buy portions and by the kilo. For less than 200 PHP / 4 USD you have a 1/4 kilo of Lechon.
Restaurant Ambiance: 2/5
Lechon Quality: 3/5
Lechon Taste: 3/5
Price: 4/5

We next tried House of Lechon. Located near IT Park.



Restaurant Ambiance: 5/5
Lechon Quality: 4/5
Lechon Taste: 4/5
Price: 4/5
(Thanks to Vins and Yoshke of for our Lechon, lol)
I have stayed in many Cebu Hotels in the past and this time I stayed 1 night at Radisson Blu and 1 night at Bayfront Hotel which are both few steps away from SM CITY CEBU.
Read my hotel review: Be Resort Hotel – Cebu
Places to visit in Cebu read here


Radisson Blu Deluxe Room with King bed, large LED tv, spacious bathroom with complete toiletries, coffee table and chair and office desk. Room rates start from 5000 PHP / 100 USD with free breakfast buffet.


Another great hotel in Cebu and is close to SM and just in front of MY BUS station is Bayfront Hotel. Room rates start from 3,600 PHP but with their ongoing promotional rate Standard room costs only 2,520 per night with free breakfast buffet for two.




How to get to Cebu from Manila:

Philippine Airlines have every day flights from Manila. Check flights here
Philippine Airlines has multiple flights from Manila to Cebu, Davao to Cebu, and most of the provinces in the Philippines has a direct flight to Cebu also, Cebu is the gateway/hub going to Surigao if coming from Manila. Last August 1, 2017, Philippine Airline flew one of the many NEW AIRCRAFT Q400 Bombardier Turboprop. PAL’s existing Q300 has a 56-seater capacity and the new Q400 have the 76-seater capacity. The next 5 aircraft will be delivered before December 2017 and more to deliver before the end of 2019. Not only Cebu will have the new Q400 aircraft but also Clark will have additional flights as well.

What’s great about Philippine Airlines Q400?

– It is an aircraft made from Canada
– The most modern turboprop on the market that offers excellent cost efficiency, higher capacity, versatility.
– Performs like a jet
– Quiet engine compares to other turboprops.
– More seat (86-seater)
– Comfortable leg room

More seats to accommodate frequent flyers from:

Cebu to Iloilo
Cebu to Bacolod
Cebu to Tacloban
Cebu to Surigao
Cebu to Butuan
Cebu to Cagayan de Oro
Cebu to Busuanga
Manila to Busuanga
Manila to Basco
Manila to Naga
Manila to Catarman
Manila to Calbayog
I haven’t been to Batanes and I plan to visit the province by next year, and thanks to Philippine Airlines Bombardier Q400 they have a flight now going to Basco. A lot cheaper compared to the existing airline that flies from Manila to Basco. Let’s go travel buddies!!!

Traveling Cebu x Philippine Airlines Bombardier Q400

16 thoughts on “Traveling Cebu x Philippine Airlines Bombardier Q400

  1. All that lechon made me hungry, deym! Anyway, I've taken PAL once and that is on my flight to Bohol. I remember that it was indeed a little bigger than the usual planes that I take. The only reason I don't ride PAL a lot is because it is more expensive.

    Anyway, I am going back to Cebu in December and I will definitely eat cebu lechon this time. I missed it the first time.

  2. Cebu is a nice place to be. I have had so many Indian friends visit Cebu and give great feedback about the place. I liked your Bayerfront hotel reception area a lot. It looks like a luxurious getaway!
    Sorry if my comment couldn't be a violent reaction. LoL

  3. Wow! Looks like an awesome carrier.. I wonder how it costs though.. but you mentioned it is cheaper? Manila to Batanes? If so, I'd love to try it!

    BTW, since you talked about Lechon, I wonder if you've tried CnT Lechon? I heard it's among the best in Cebu.

  4. This sounds like a nice option for Cebu and from what you tell me it is comfortable to fly as well. How are the prices compared to the other airlines.

  5. The air carriers and the bat front hotel looks so aesthetic.You seem to having a great time relaxing there.I cannot comment about the lechons though since I am a vegetarian by birth and I don't think I can try it out

  6. This seems like a fine airline with all modern comforts. Cebu is a happening place and the food and stay options look really inviting. I would settle for Radisson based on past experience and the fact that they live up to their brand experience.

  7. Wow, you truly have enjoyed your stay in Cebu. I myself have been staying in Cebu for almost a decade, but haven't tried the House of Letchon and staying in those Hotels that you have mentioned. Anyway, I didn't know that Radison Blue really owned a beautiful room and very spacious. I've been to Bay Front Hotel once for a business meeting, but didn't stay there. Hopefully I can stay there soon. I hope you go back here in Cebu often and enjoy more of what Cebu has to offer.

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