10 Coffee and Milk Tea Shops To Try at SM City Sucat
10 Coffee and Milk Tea Shops To Try at SM City Sucat

10 Coffee and Milk Tea Shops To Try at SM City Sucat

Coffee streams down my veins and I honestly cannot function without sipping my favorite cup of coffee. My own mix of black coffee, full cream milk and stevia will give me energy all throughout the day. 2 cups of coffee will help me boost my mind on functioning well and finishing all tasks that I have for the day. If you are a coffee and milk tea lover like me, you haveĀ 10 Coffee and Milk Tea Shops To Try at SM City Sucat.

Coffee Crawl in SM Sucat

Good thing that SM just had a Coffee Month which my kid and I enjoyed so much. We’re able to visit 10 coffee and milk tea shop around SM City Sucat and tried their best sellers as well as their signature food meal.
Farron Cafe – Chi and I tried their Blended Mocha to start our day. Yes, coffee!
Taste: 4/5
At the Orange Tea, we tried their Fruit Tea Lychee.
Taste: 2/5 (too sour for me and my kid)
During our Food Crawl, we also visited 2 ice cream store – Dairy Queen and Chiara’s. Who wouldn’t know about the famous ice cream at Dairy Queen where their staff will give you your order while showing you an upside-down ice cream.

Craving for cakes and ice cream/gelato? You can never go wrong with these two.


Dairy Queen taste: 5/5
Chiara’s: 4/5

One of my fave restaurants in SM Sucat is French Baker. For years, they are offering freshly baked bread. My all-time fave is French bread, garlic bread, croissant, and beef lasagna. I tried their coffee and it’s good! Paired it with these savory baked goodies – YUM!


French Baker Taste: 5/5

Primiera offers up-scale tasting burger and from your first bite, you can tell that they use all beef and less extender burger patties which is a thumbs up for me. Their chips/fries are a must here try here. I also love their own garlic dip which at first I thought it is a plain mayo (which I hate) but surprisingly, it’s a tasting garlic dip which Chi and I loved it.

Taste: 4/5

Auntie Anne’s has been my favorite to-go snacks back in college. Their original pretzel and almond pretzel are my faves paired it with caramel dip and iced tea. During our food crawl, it was my first time to try their cream cheese filled nuggets and ever since then, we’ve been ordering it whenever we are at SM Sucat.

Taste: 5/5

Looks yum, right? Thanks to my daughter Chichi and she’s able to photograph these perfectly paired snacks – Authentic Banhi and the traditional Vietnamese iced coffee at Highlands Coffee.

Taste: 4/5

Infinitea is one of the popular milk tea shops in the metro. When milk tea was introduced in the Philippines, flocks of tea shops opened and this store has been one of my faves. I always order their Mango Creme with caramel and Wintermelon with zero sugar milk tea with a double scoop of pearls.

Taste: 3.5/5

I first heard about Ersao was 3 years ago when I joined a different food review in SM Southmall. I love their chicken pops with lots of pepper and their milk tea. It’s different from Infinitea and other milk tea stores that you know in the market today. The restaurant also offers rice meals at an affordable price.

Taste: 3.5/5
Coffeemax is where you can have a quick coffee and read the newspaper because every time I will pass by this small coffee shop, most seniors are there.
I can’t wait to have another coffee month next year at SM City Sucat. Anyway, I can always drop by SM and spend some time with my top picks coffee and milk tea shop there.



10 Coffee and Milk Tea Shops To Try at SM City Sucat