4 Reasons Why I’m Uber-ly Excited for UGO
4 Reasons Why I’m Uber-ly Excited for UGO

4 Reasons Why I’m Uber-ly Excited for UGO

Our mode of transportation here in the Philippines, especially in Manila has evolved. We even wholeheartedly embraced technology with the TNVs (Transport Network Vehicles) donned in Black and Green, and as a passenger, it was a welcome change with all the accessibility and convenience that they have brought in.
Now with all the horror stories we hear, the most recent about the death of a Grab driver being shot to death, the drivers not getting proper compensation or the recent LTFRB Issues, the riding public sometimes forget that it takes two to tango…

That we also have to think of our driver’s safety and proper compensation for a better ride-sharing community.

A couple of days ago, I was introduced to something that might just be the answer to most of our concerns, as a passenger and as a TNV Driver/Operator here in the Philippines..
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What Is U-Go ?

L-R: John Cordoniz (Technical Operations Head of U-Go), Norman Castillio (Chairman of U-Go) and Mitch Matias (One of the founding members of PNTO) 

U-Go is pioneered by Filipinos with the Pinoy commuter’s road and safety conditions in mind. As per Mitch Matias(one of the founding members of Philippine Transportation Network Organization) and John Codorniz (Technical Operations Head of U-Go), they made sure to include the needs of both passenger and driver, and created their user interface and system with a few new features designed for convenience and safety. Sir Norman Castillio (Chairman of U-Go) on the other hand explained in detail how their partner drivers and operators will be better cared for.

U-Go Features that I Loved:

  • No Internet? No Problem! 
Usually, the thing with the other TNVs is that if you don’t have data to spare, you’ll have to hang out in places with free wi-fi like malls and such just to book a cab. With U-Go, they made things a little more easier with their SMS Function, where you can still book even via text as long as you are registered/have a U-Go account
  • SOS Button 
This one I loved the most. They have included an SOS button in the app. Once you feel threatened in your ride anytime, the nearest PNP station is just one press away. Wether you’re driver or passenger, you have the button in your app and it doesn’t need internet to work, much like their booking system.
  • Scheduled and On Route Rides
The Scheduled feature allows you to book for relatives and schedule their pickups. The On Route feature allows you to map out your route home or going to work, and once activated, you will be assured that the only passengers you will be getting are those on the way to your destination. 
  • A Better and Reasonable Quota for the Drivers 
This one was an eye opener for me, and is more directed to the drivers. Usually, the other big shot TNVs we use are charging a 20% system fee per ride, but U-Go will be charging them only 10% system fee. As for the incentives, U-Go will be executing a more reasonable incentive system that with the goal that drivers wouldn’t be compelled to pick passengers or drive longer hours to achieve the quota.
U-Go will be launching this January 2018, and to prepare the PTNO are having their 2nd TNVS Convention this weekend (November 10-12) with lots of surprises, cash prizes and more in store for drivers and passengers. Please check out their facebook page for more details.
Written By: Nicole Paler
Instagram: @nicolepaler
Twitter: @nixchicmix
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