77’th Bataan Day – The Sacrifices During WWII

I remember back in grade school and high school we learned the history of our country- Philippines including the horrific WWII. However, it was not taught very detailed that is why when I get the chance to visit historical places like Corregidor in 2016 I never hesitated to go and last April 7 to 9, 2019 I visited Bataan to witness the 77’th Bataan Day and learned more about this province, how they contributed a significant role to our country and to our history as a nation.

This is an annual event in Balanga Bataan to celebrate the Day of Valor.  This year I witnessed their annual parade of float to show the story during WWII. It was painful to watch and hear the narration of the event speaker. I cannot imagine the pain and hardship of these brave Filipino soldiers to fight against the Japanese. It led me to tears, to be honest after knowing every detailed story and to see the remaining 10 Filipino Veterans today.


veterans wwII

veterans wwII

veterans wwII

veterans wwII

veterans wwII


Celebrating Day of Valor

On the lighter note, it was amazing to see the simple yet well thought off floats by different towns in Bataan. Also last April 8th, 2019 the remaining living veterans were awarded by one of the highest award by the US government in appreciation of all WWII veterans. In the presence of Bataan Congresswoman Geraldine Roman and other government officials.

Float Parade Winners:

1st Place from the Town of Samal


town of samal parade winner


2nd Place from  City of Balanga


balanga float


3rd Place from City of Pilar


pilar float


On the following day, April 9th, 2019 in Mt. Samat people of Bataan together with the government officials, media and VP Leni Robredo commemorate and witness the celebration of the Day of Valor in one of the most historical places in the Philippines during World War II. The SHrine of Valor in Mt. Samat was completed in 1970 and was built A  memorial cross for the heroism and great sacrifices of the Filipino soldiers and civilians and died during WWII.


mt samat


Above has a 360 degrees view of Bataan Peninsula.


mt samat


mt samat


shrine of valor


The Bataan government has an annual event every April 7th to 9th so for all Filipinos who want to witness Bataan Day, come by next year in Balanga and Mt. Samat Bataan.


For more info visit https://bataan.gov.ph/tourism/

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