A Trip to Sasak Sade Traditional Village
A Trip to Sasak Sade Traditional Village

A Trip to Sasak Sade Traditional Village

On our first week in Indonesia, we visited a traditional village in Lombok. I didn’t expect that I will fall in love with this place and want to go back and bring my friends and family when I will visit Indonesia again. For someone like me who loves visiting museums, villages, remote areas in the provinces, I definitely enjoyed most here.
Sasak Sade Traditional Village is located in Lombok Indonesia, the village’s primary source of living is weaving and farming, they make one of the best cloth in Indonesia (as far as I know), from the regular sarong to the highest and softest cloth you can purchase it here.

Traditional Village: Sasak Sade

Traditional houses and culture and this can be seen from the house assembling that appears to be customary. The rooftop is made of palm fiber, the overhang of the rooftop use bamboo without nails, the dividers are made of bamboo, and are promptly grounded. How amazing is that? Also, their use of cow’s poop to bind the rocks and soil of their traditional houses. Yucky, I know but it still amazes me.
Every family helps build their house using the traditional bamboo, clay and cow feces. The tribe is one of the inhabitants here in Lombok where farming and weaving is their main livelihood.
Upon entering the village, we were welcomed by loud traditional music using gongs, drums, and other Indonesian musical instruments.


We witnessed their traditional dance. These dance rituals are done before circumcision, a comedy act and a fighting act where two men fought.
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TEAM PHILIPPINES – Vins, Kenneth and Hannah


Things to see in the village:

Fabric Making


I was able to watch how these women weave these threads (silk) and after 1 week or 1 month, they were able to make beautiful and colorful sarongs, table runners, and bed covers. It’s truly amazing to see tribes in other countries preserving their culture.


Price range is from 100,000 IDR up to 500,000 IDR, so that’s about 300.00 to 1,500 PHP.


As someone like me who has a passion for making clothes, this place is heaven. I’m able to purchase about 8 pieces of different designs of fabrics. All villagers sell sarongs, cloth, and other collectibles and their share everyone’s profit to provide their families needs.


Traditional accessories


You can also find Pasalubongs here for a very affordable price. At 50 pesos / 1 USD you can buy bracelets and traditional men hats
Traditional houses



The traditional house here in Sasak Sade Village with small pathways and houses are made of bamboo.


One of my favorite part of my 12-day Indonesia tours c/o The Tourism Ministry of Indonesia. I was able to buy a few sarongs and cloth for my Kimono business – a heaven for a textile lover like me.

A Trip to Sasak Sade Traditional Village

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