Azumi Boutique Hotel (3rd time staycation)

I love staying in Azumi. Yes! It’s really obvious because it’s my 3rd time to stay here. This time the hotel gave me a special discount. (Thanks to Ms. Lyka for attending my request). I requested for a queen room (3,000php/night) with private bathroom (blackout) because everytime I stay here they were giving me the see-thru bathroom. I was given a corner room on the 7th floor and the room was a bit the same with the other 2 rooms I had here, the only difference is the bathroom is a blackout (private), has personal fridge and no microwave oven. But that’s ok, my concern was the bathroom not the kitchen facilities (lol).

I came with my daughter, aunt and sis in law because my kid wants to swim so when we get to our room, we just unpacked our bags, changed into our swimsuit and went to the roof deck where the  infinity pool is located. We stayed at the pool for 2 hours, then by night we had dinner at ATC and as per request ng aking makulet na anak, we went to Starbucks Molito to buy her Vanilla Frappe.

It’s my first time to see the view at the rooofdeck at night and the pool has blue lights and you get to see the view of Alabang. We always enjoy staying here. I just hope they will soon have a membership just like other hotels because I will definitely sign up for their membership.
sorry for the low quality

will post new photos, much clearer. 🙂

Thanks Azumi! Will see you soon!

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