BAG DILEMMA? Backpack or Luggage
BAG DILEMMA? Backpack or Luggage

BAG DILEMMA? Backpack or Luggage


Are you a LIGHT or Heavy packer? Either way, it will always be where you will go and how long will be your trip. I love to travel, like every month I wanna go some place new and take tons of photos using my camera and my drone. Ever since I had my own drone about a year ago, I had this urge to always find a great place to fly. But having a drone is not easy to carry especially if you are traveling abroad and some countries will need a drone permit before you can fly your expensive toy/gadget. I have a hard case backpack for my DJI Phantom and it’s quite heavy and super bulky, good thing I got a CABINZERO 44-Liter Backpack – my drone, DSLR and few clothes can all fit in whenever I’m on a short trip.

Last month I went to Australia with my kid for 3 weeks, we brought 2 BIG trolley luggage and my Cabinzero Violet Backpack. If you’re a mom traveling with your child/children, a handbag or a tote bag is not enough to bring all your stuff as your hand carry, trust me! Traveling with kids makes you look like you’re bringing half of your house stuff, lol. I have a 7 year/old child and whenever we travel especially long flights/drive, I make sure I bring enough toys to make her busy and never get bored while on a trip.



Here are the things you MUST bring on your hand-carry when traveling with young children:

– small toys
– gadget (iPad, tablet)
– neck pillow
– blanket
– snacks (cookies, tetra pack juice)
– bottled water
– wet wipes
– alcohol
– emergency kit
– clothes and underwear (I always bring clothes and underwear for my kid on my hand-carry bag because kids are very clumsy especially when they’re eating so make sure you bring extra shirts for them.)

For solo travelers and backpackers, I guarantee you that having a 44-Liter Cabinzero Backpack will fit 2-week clothes. After our 3-week vacation in Australia, I went on a 2-week South East Asian trip with my blogger colleagues. From Singapore – Malaysia – Thailand – Cambodia – Vietnam. Yep! I’m able to fit in 2-week clothes in my backpack.



Tips on how to fit in a 2-week clothes in your backpack:

– Bring versatile clothes that you can mix and match
– Bring light clothes
– Bring a kimono/sarong/cover up (especially if you are entering a temple)
– ALWAYS roll your clothes when packing
– Use a zip lock bag/vacuum bag

Because I only brought a backpack during my 2-week ASIAN trip I’m able to save extra fee for check-in baggage and I’m able to buy lots of fridge magnet as a souvenir, lol

(Cabinzero sponsored my bag but review are honest and been using the product since November 2016)

BAG DILEMMA? Backpack or Luggage