40 Years of Never Say Die: Launching of Barangay Ginebra Jersey
40 Years of Never Say Die: Launching of Barangay Ginebra Jersey

40 Years of Never Say Die: Launching of Barangay Ginebra Jersey

Who’s a PBA fan here? I do since college days and it was like 13 years ago. I have been watching games on TV and been anticipating the clash either with the teams Purefoods, Red Bull, and Ginebra. Those were the top 3 teams 12 to 14 years ago and one team that always stands out and always on the finals is the Barangay Ginebra. To highlight the Ginebra team best ever players of all time they launched the Barangay Ginebra Jersey last May 9th, 2019 in Novotel Hotel.

Never Say Die: Barangay Ginebra


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The basketball team was created in the year 1985 went down in Philippine basketball history as the year Ginebra San Miguel’s Never-Say-Die soul was conceived.  In the wake of being hit by a wayward elbow in the second quarter, the Big J needed to leave the amusement to go to the medical clinic. To everybody’s stun, he returned in the second from last quarter with seven joins on his lip. The Gins were behind by 15 points going into the last seven minutes of the diversion when Jaworski reemerged the court and drove the group to triumph, starting a free for all that to date, is unmatched. This was the start of Ginebra’s Never-Say-Die mantra.


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Famous Ginebra Players

Robert Jaworski, Sr. called the hero of Ginebra way back 1980’s to 1990’s. Has been an MVP for many years and able to help their team to win many finals.

Mark Caguioa and Jayjay Helterbrand, the Fast and The Furious of today’s Barangay Ginebra. Literally, they ran so fast and made their team as one of the best PBA team of today’s time.

Justin Brownlee, the three-point shooter of Barangay Ginebra. In 2017, he returned to the team on the following year of 2016’s Governor’s Cup.

Scottie Thompson, who’s also one of the best players in the Team Barangay Ginebra and made a history of his basketball career when he recorded his third triple-double and bagged the 2018 PBA Commissioner’s Cup Finals MVP.


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To express gratitude toward Barangay Ginebra San Miguel fans for their four many years of help, Ginebra San Miguel is propelling 2019 Never Say Die Jersey Collection highlighting the Living Legend and father of Never-Say-Die soul, Robert Jaworski, Sr. (7); the life-changing “The Fast and the Furious” couple, Jayjay Helterbrand (13) and Mark Caguioa (47), quick rising ball hotshot Scottie Thompson (6), and the most adored PBA import who has won the hearts of Pinoy b-ball fans Justin Brownlee (32). These restricted release pullovers will be worn by the group in the up and coming 2019 PBA Commissioner’s Cup.




Where To Buy the Barangay Ginebra Jersey


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Simply purchase any GSMI item. Each six (6) seals of Ginebra San Miguel or any five (5) tops of GSM Blue, GSM Blue Flavors, Primera Light Brandy, and Ginebra San Miguel Premium Gin, qualifies clients for buy one pullover for just P100 at your preferred grocery store or comfort store outlets across the nation. Fans can get the Ginebra San Miguel 2019 Jersey Collection until June 30, 2019.


For more details and updates on the promo, log on to www.ginebra.com.ph, check out the official Facebook page of Ginebra San Miguel www.facebook.com/barangayginebra or call the GSMI customer care hotline at 632-2564.