BDO and SM: Pamaskong Handog 2020
BDO and SM: Pamaskong Handog 2020

BDO and SM: Pamaskong Handog 2020

In the middle of the new standard, BDO and SM Supermalls are seeking ways to maintain their annual tradition of paying tribute to the overseas Filipinos (OFs) and their families during the Christmas season.

The companies said that this year the much-anticipated “Pamaskong Handog” will be organized as a virtual event; online but still full of star-studded guests and performers and thrilling events Pamaskong Handog has been known for all these years.
This announcement was made today at a media teleconference that officially opened Pamaskong Handog 2020: Sama-Sama Tayo sa Pasko.
Among others who joined the announcement were BDO Unibank Senior Vice President Genie T. Gloria, BDO Unibank Senior Vice President Jamie Nasol, BDO Network Bank Senior Vice President Karen Cua, and SM Supermalls Senior Assistant Vice President Marketing-South Luzon Ritchie Gonzales.
Ms. Gloria of BDO said that this year’s Pamaskong Handog will be streaming live via Facebook on BDO Kabayan’s Facebook page and will be broadcast simultaneously on BDO Unibank’s YouTube channel on 13 December.
The case will be attended by Piolo Pascual, Christian Antolin, Marcelito Pomoy, Beks Batallion, and Donekla.

Pamaskong Handog 2020

“This year, our overseas Filipinos have been through a lot. We hope that by keeping the tradition of Pamaskong Handog alive, even in compliance with the rules of protection, we will still offer a sense of confidence that hopes that we can get through this and that we can all bounce back,” said Gloria.

Besides the celebrities attending the show, audiences from all around the world will be exposed to a range of prize-winning virtual gamers.
Also involved as sponsors of the Pamaskong Handog event are World Remit, MoneyGram, Western Union, and Ria Money Transfer.
The event is one of the many BDO programs that have been actively engaged with OF’s and their families, as many of them rely on the Bank for their financial transactions.
BDO Remit has been one of the lifebloods of the country for years and through these tough times. It provides a secure, efficient, and reliable channel of remittance for millions of Filipinos. Another service, BDO Cash Agad, provides banking services in remote archipelago locations. Meanwhile, BDO Network Bank, BDO’s rural bank division, takes care of underserved and underserved clients, including remittance recipients living in remote regions.
The number of OF’s is projected to be 12.5 million across more than 150 countries and continents.

When more OFFs and their family members are required to incorporate Christmas shopping as part of their routines, SM Supermalls has ensured its dedication to serving the public with a healthy shopping environment in the middle of the pandemic.

“Everyone was very concerned when the nation went under quarantine. And because customers also have to go out to satisfy their daily requirements, SM Supermalls has prioritized consumer protection and loyalty with #SafetyMallingAtSM,” said Gonzales.
“We continue this activity with the utmost caution considering the expanded operation of our malls by removing the lockdowns. We ensure that every mall strictly follows protection and sanitation guidelines that conform with government legislation to keep our malls clean,” he said.