Benefits of Having Foot Reflex at FOOTZEEZ
Benefits of Having Foot Reflex at FOOTZEEZ

Benefits of Having Foot Reflex at FOOTZEEZ

Traveling is my way to relax and refocus my mind, and after a tiring day of swimming or perhaps hiking, there’s only one thing that I am craving and wanting to have – FOOT MASSAGE or BODY MASSAGE. I’m a sucker for massage and at home, I am having a weekly body massage with my lovely daughter. Massage is actually one of our mommy-baby bonding aside from shopping and eating, lol.

But do you know that there’s a huge difference between a Foot Reflex and Body Massage?

Yup! Body Massage is giving you whole body relaxation from head to toe. A 2-hour massage for me makes me want to sleep right after and I need to really sleep because I feel so weak and totally relaxed and just wanting to lie on the bed and savor the massage. 
However, Foot Reflex is the applying (gentle) pressure on your feet on a specific pressure point and it is believed that every pressure points is connected to our body organs. And pressing those points is beneficial for our body and general health. It generally lasts from 30 to 60 minutes, because I’m a sucker for massage I had 1 hour of Foot Reflex at FOOTZEEZ BORACAY
Benefits from having a foot reflex are: 
1. Total Relaxation/ Increase Energy – after a long day of biking, hiking or long hours of standing up, a 30minute to 1 hr foot reflex will regain lose energy from a tiring day of long activities. 
2. Relieve anxiety, pain and stress. 

3. Improve blood Circulation

4. Stimulate the proper functions of internal organs
Footzeez Boracay is located at D’ Mall Boracay Island and open Monday to Sunday 10:30 am till 11 pm however they can extend until 1 in the morning if the demand is high or there are still customers having massage at the spa. Also, they can close the whole spa if you have a whole group / VIP who wants to have privacy or exclusive to them (such as Hollywood actors etc).

The best thing about Footzeez is their therapist are all DOH_licensed and some of them have an international license. 

Thanks Mommy Ann and Rocky for accommodating us and letting us experience your top-notch service.

Foot Reflex starts at 600 PHP / 12.7 USD. Footzeez also offers body massage, foot spa, and nail care. For more info visit Footzeez Facebook Page click here >>>> or call (036) 288 4264

Benefits of Having Foot Reflex at FOOTZEEZ