Big Thanks To Our Frontliners
Big Thanks To Our Frontliners

Big Thanks To Our Frontliners

Who would have thought that 2020 would feel like a decade already? From the Taal Volcano eruption and now the world, not just the Philippines is affected by the virus COVID-19.

Pandemic due to COVID-19

It’s really tough time not just for us ordinary citizens, but it also has a huge effect on our global economy. Today, when I was about to go to the grocery, I saw few gasolines stations open along the stretch of Molino Boulevard, Bacoor Cavite and I saw that petrol (diesel) is now only 28 Pesos per liter. Before the lockdown here in Cavite I was able to fill up my car at 33 Pesos per liter and that was just 12 days ago.

Now that the whole Luzon is on Enhanced Community Quarantine, there is simply time to go out to purchase food supplies or go to the market and even purchase medications. Here in Bacoor we can just go out at 7 am to 10 am and 3 pm to 6 pm. So lining up in ATM would take about 45 minutes to 2 hours.




I’m fortunate that outside our village we have a BDO branch. In any case, remember that we make some hard memories making it simpler for all Medical Frontliners, Bank Tellers, Gasoline Personnel, Security guards,  Barangay Officials, Police Officers, Military, F&B, and drugstores & market staff. Imagine the risk they take every day just to serve our basic needs and security.




Things to remember to not spread the Corona Virus:

1. We should simply remember to separate ourselves in the line

2. Consistently wear a face mask

3. Carry a little alcogel or alcohol with you

4. Always wash your hands with soap


And please BE PATIENT in lining up in the GROCERY, BANK AND DRUGSTORE line. Everyone is suffering but we must all do our part to not spread the virus and not to acquire them outside our house.

Finding goodness during tough times


To all the staff and workers that they go to work every day, BIG THANKS TO YOU!

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