Blogapalooza 2018 at City of Dreams
Blogapalooza 2018 at City of Dreams

Blogapalooza 2018 at City of Dreams

Having fun at blogapalooza 2018

An annual gathering for Filipino Bloggers to re-connect with their colleagues, and to tap with brands that they might soon have a collaboration with. At this event, I was able to see a few of my Blogger colleagues and met few Bloggers from Cebu, Northen Luzon Bloggers and from Mindanao. What interests me most are the talks from Nix Eniego and Christine Bersola-Babao.


christine babao having a talk at Blogapalooza 2018


Christine Bersola-Babao talks about being a Generation X, a mom and a TV host and how she transitioned from tv to radio to Social Media Platform on reaching and spreading the good news to her old audience and a new audience. Her career as a host for traditional media such as TV and from one of the biggest network from the Philippines.
It was a fun afternoon that most of us were able to reminisce those times that internet is still dial-up, no cellphones – only pagers and rotary phones. But one thing that she wants us to ALWAYS remember is to be careful with whatever we are posting on our social media – which I’m not (sometimes) and how we should share valuable information to our readers, viewers, and followers.
instagram talk of nix eniego
Another interesting talk is from Nix Eniego, he talks about how we, Bloggers, Vloggers, and Influencers can kill our Instagram game, on how we can increase LEGIT followers and tapping the right audience for our B/Vlog. I, myself is still struggling to reach 5,000 Instagram followers and will definitely try all Nix’s tips and tricks.
blogapalooza 2018
These amazing Transgender women talk about how they started, how digital space helped them with their business and how they became famous on the internet. They also talk about how they deal with their online bashers.
As much as they can, they will refuse to answer these online bashers. They also talked about how they cope up from their bad childhood just like any other LGBT individual and how they became a better person after experiencing bullying from their childhood. Self-respect, self-realization is the few things I’ve learned from these gorgeous women.
Aside from these amazing and interesting talks, we’re able to meet and talk with new and start-up businesses here in the Philippines.
– Automart Philippines
– Seeker Travels
– Pushkart Philippines
– AFS Philippines
– Alfox Printing Services
– Big Benta Philippines
– Acimov
– Kokorokokits
Other companies:
– Curves
– day
– Lex Meet
– Oishi
– Pound It
– Deuter
– Starbucks
– Carlo Rossi
See you all on the next Blogapalooza in 2019. #blogapaloozagoesglobal #blogapalooza