Blogger Essentials: Powerbank
Blogger Essentials: Powerbank

Blogger Essentials: Powerbank


Attending events for hours and at the same time posting live photos and videos can drain your mobile phones battery. Aside from having a backup mobile phone – power bank is everyone’s best friend now. A life saver for every tech savvy who’s always on the go and online almost 24/7. 

I thought 1 power bank will be enough, but hell no! I need 3 of this to juice up my 2 mobile phones. I travel every month and taking photos on my SLR and my mobile phones all throughout the day can really consume all the battery. 

My favorite of all my tree power bank – Remax Skull. It has 10,000 mah with 2 output both have DC5V/2.1A capacity. Retail price is around Php 1,000 to 1,2000 / USD21.00
Charging time is 10 hours.

Bought this branded Silvertee for Php 900 / USD 19.50 with 7,500 mah with 2 output. One has DC5V/1A and the other has DC5V/1.5A. 1.5A is fast charging compare to the other output. 
Charging time is 8 hours  
This lightweight white Silvertee has 3,200 mah with built-in cord for any android device phone. It also has an output so iPhone users can also use this to juice up their precious mobile phones. 
Charging time is 4 to 5 hours.
If I’m attending an event the Remax Skull is good for me, however, if I am traveling I bring all these three with me. So, do you think this is really a must-have for any tech-savvy?