Can We Find True Love Over An App?
Can We Find True Love Over An App?

Can We Find True Love Over An App?

New generation of dating

Can we find true love over an app that is one click on your cell phone?

The 21st century is the year of gadgets and technology where anything and everything is only one click away.  If you are lazy to go out of your house and wants to buy food, just order food via a mobile app or go to the restaurant’s website and if you want to do grocery shopping you can even do it once and your orders will be delivered right at your doorstep.
In a bad mood and needed retail therapy, do it online. You want to monitor your family even if you are away from home, you can still do that over the internet given that your CCTV is Wi-Fi enabled. You see, almost everything is powered by our digital products, but how about our feelings?
Can we be happy over the internet? Are you feeling down and needed a companion to talk to just to forget our anxiety and sadness? Can we find friendship or love over an app?

On finding true love

Let’s be real, not all happy and to die for couple relationships you see on the internet is from a regular meetup or dating, where they both got set up by one of their friends and let them go on a blind date.
Not all happy couples are high school and childhood sweethearts because some of the happy and successful love relations met on a dating website or dating app. This is true! I personally know 4 lovely couples met on a dating website.
From being casual chat mates, then they became friends and after months of months of talking, they finally met and started a new relationship. From friendzone and now staying strong as a couple.

Then and Now

I remember that before all these technology and gadgets, a lot of successful and long-lasting couple relationship met from being pen pals. This was the very old way of communicating with friends, family and loved ones if they are living far from home.
Snail mails and landline phone conversation is the old way of communication. However, now that majority of the population has a smartphone and I believe that most have access on the internet all day, and it’s also popular not just for us millennials but even to our older generations this dating app.
There are tons of FREE dating sites to choose from on Play store and App Store.
These FREE dating websites are free to sign up and once you filled up your basic info you can choose whoever you want to chat with. Let’s be real men, you want to date for free and not cost you an arm to show off your ladies that you can do this and that.
So, why not be friends first, chat, get to know each other well and meet. Who knows you might be one of the lucky and meant to be lovers like my other friends too? From CHATTING to SAYING I DO. Sign me up!