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Learning at The Catchup Museum Virtual Tour

Making Learning More Fruitful and Banana-mazing with The Catsup Museum’s Virtual Tour

For the past few months, guardians and children the same have needed to remain safe at home together, discovering approaches to bond and become familiar with one another. Guardians, specifically, have needed to turn out to be increasingly imaginative in thinking of answers to keep their kids engaged while encouraging their improvement simultaneously. With the wide scope of assets accessible on the web, it can in some cases be hard to locate the correct harmony between the two.

Making learning increasingly fun and productive is a piece of the crucial The Catsup Museum. Established in 2017 by NutriAsia in an organization with The Mind Museum, the foundation made its ways for deifying the narrative of the all-around adored and exceptionally Filipino banana catsup, giving guests a more profound comprehension of its history and how it’s made, with rich visuals and amazing presentations. Home to adored commonly recognized names like UFC, Papa, Jufran, and Mafran, NutriAsia set up The Catsup Museum so as to advance the Filipino ideals of inventiveness, creativity, and difficult work, which all go into each container of banana catsup.


Manifacturing Hall


Hall of the Natural History of Banana (1)(1)

The Catsup Museum Goes Virtual

This July, The Catsup Museum goes online, hosting a virtual tour and an interactive module to provide banana-mazing learning resources for kids of all ages. The virtual tour will take viewers around the interactive exhibits of the museum while giving in-depth commentary and even mini-quizzes per area. With a trusty banana acting as a guide, the tour also offers 360o viewing, allowing the audience to click and drag their mouse or move their mobile phone around to see every angle.

Giving a closer look into each hall and exhibit, the Catsup Museum virtual visit begins at the Hall of the Natural History of Banana. Here, guardians and their children can become familiar with the fixing’s primary fixing, including where it was first planted, its life stages, and the supplements it gives. Following this is the Maria Ylagan Orosa Hall, named after the Filipina food technologist, scientist, philanthropic, and war courageous woman who concocted banana catsup. At that point, watchers are taken in the background into how each container of catsup is made in the Manufacturing Hall, a copy of the processing plants utilized by NutriAsia. Gathering together the visit is the Banquet Hall, which highlights overwhelming food shows speaking to dishes banana catsup can be delighted in with.


Making Learning More Fruitful and Banana-mazing with The Catsup Museum’s Virtual Tour


Maria Ylaga Orosa Hall

For kids who love videos and games, The Catsup Museum will also be launching an interactive module entitled Banana 101. Centered on the wonder fruit, kids can enjoy a series of entertaining activities that will teach them everything about the banana, from its history and life cycle, to how they are grown and processed into the food they eat.

The Catsup Museum’s computerized assets are all pieces of Homeschool: Masarap Matuto, Masaya Mag-Aral, NutriAsia’s first-consistently learning stage made to start interest in each youngster. Cutting another way to learning for guardians and youngsters the same, the determination of instructive materials will cover themes, for example, wellbeing and sustenance for yourself and the family-supported by Papa, and a prologue to dearest Philippine natural products care of Locally, and will be propelled through NutriAsia’s site very soon.

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