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Lenovo Edvision: Innovative E-learning Solutions

The way students study is evolving due to technology. Many students today will pursue a profession that remains unknown. First educational institutes need to change the learning environment first to allow students to develop and develop their digital skills to better train students for leadership in the digital world.

But technology has changed education in many respects deeply. Firstly, technology has improved access to education considerably. The books were scarce at medieval times and the educational resources were open to only a few insiders. People had to go to learning centers to study. There are now vast volumes of material (books, audio, photographs, videos) online and structured learning programs are accessible worldwide.


lenovo edvision

The way students study shifts technology. In order to help train students to succeed in the new environment, the Lenovo EdVision Program provides a full range of creative solutions customized to the needs of students.

Lenovo Edvision and Microsoft

They have partnered to provide a better distance learning for educators and their students with IT-enablement product training/webinars for teachers conducted by Lenovo and partners (Microsoft, Intel, etc). Funding support in the development of Lenovo Smart classroom and computer lab dress up (with Lenovo and Microsoft).

They also provide:

  • Exclusive discount of Lenovo products
  • Seeding units
  • Leadership skills training workshop
  • Teacher and student ambassador program


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