Crisostomo – Filipino Dining Restaurant

Mama and Papa are looking for their new car around Alabang and we ended up starving and we decided to have dinner at Alabang Town Center. It has tons of good restaurants and cafes and because we all haven’t tried dining at Crisostomo, we finally settled here.

Crisostomo serves Filipino dish with the twist. The small restaurant has a modern-Filipino vibe and vibrant wooden furniture – which I love!
Filipino family loves to eat and my family loves to try different restaurant since I became a foodie and Food Blogger.
Rice is a staple in every Filipino family. And Adobo is our national dish (most popular dish in the PH). Adobo Rice with shredded pork and mixed with Salted Egg.
Grilled Pork Liempo with Sarsa, Achara (Pickled Papaya) and Okra and Tomatoes.
Tahong (Mussels) with White Wine. I love any seafood mixed with a splash of white wine. Perfect combi.
Sizzling Bulalo. With lots and lots of gravy and button mushroom. My fave of all three dishes that we ordered.
A fresh and very refreshing juice drink, Melon Juice.
Sansrival for desert. My kids loved it, as for me, I find it too sweet but I like the bottom part of it, lol.
Our total bill is around 2,000 php / 46.50 USD. Papa paid for it so I haven’t checked the prices of each meal that I ordered. All meals are good for 2-3 persons so paying for this amount is OK for the budget.
Crisostomo – Filipino Dining Restaurant
Alabang Town Center

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