Davao Life Is Here: Sightseeing, Where To Eat, What To Do
Davao Life Is Here: Sightseeing, Where To Eat, What To Do

Davao Life Is Here: Sightseeing, Where To Eat, What To Do

Davao City is 2,444 sqm big. It is one of the largest city in the world and around 1.5 million in population, 85 percent are Christians, 10 percent Muslims and the remaining 5 percent are indigenous people. The diverse city is one of the livable places here in the Philippines because only 10 percent of the area is used for industrialization. Davao City is an hour away from the Mt. Apo and less than an hour you’re in no time at the beach area.

January of 2016 was my first time to see the beauty of Davao. Unfortunately, I only stayed for more than 24 hrs yet I was able to manage to do city tour and this time, I am staying for 4 days and these are our itinerary:

1. Duterte Tour – we went to the 911 Davao Office and we have seen their quality emergency units and fire trucks. Luckily, Philippine president now is Mr. Rodrigo Duterte and slowly they are implementing 911 all over the Philippines.

FYI – The Philippines is the only Asian country that has 911.

2. Tour at the Banana Farm / Hijo Beach Resort – we tour around the Banana Plantation and we have seen the process of the Banana Farm. From how they plant and cultivate the tree, to the picking and separating of the good and quality bananas to the packing of their export quality Bananas.

We are welcomed by a cultural dance and PHITEX participants are all enjoying dancing with them.


7. Plantation Tour

Hijo Banana Farm is exporting their Bananas to Asian countries such as Japan and Korea.

6. Have lunch at their Halal Restaurant

My fave is their Seafood in Coconut Cream Soup. It’s heavenly!!!

5. River Tour

4. Forest Tour

Alpha Male Monkey

A wild boar

3. Bow and Arrow Shooting

2. Axle Throwing

1. Fire Range / Gun Shooting

3. Day tour at the Philippine Eagle Conservation Park – The Philippine Eagle or also known as The Monkey-Eating Eagle is endemic to the Philippine forest that is why the conservation park in Davao is adopting these eagles and populating them and once they are good to go they will free them into the wilds of Mt. Apo forest.

4. Have snacks at Habi at Kape – located at the 3rd floor of Abreeza Ayala mall,  beside the Seda Hotel.

5. Nightlife / Cocktails at Marco Polo Hotel

Rhum + Coke

Vodka + Sprite

6. Buy local products at Abreeza Mall – around the Habi at Kape cafe, you will find different concessionaires of local products such as types of furniture, fixtures, jewelry and other cosmetic products – all Philippine Made.

The local government of Davao is supporting our local businesses to help their city boost their income and tourism as well. There’re so many things to do in Davao and I thought 4 days will be enough to see the whole city yet I still have to go back and go places like Eden Garden and Mt. Apo. I will definitely be back soon! See you soon Davao – the Durian Capital of the Philippines.

Davao Life Is Here: Sightseeing, Where To Eat, What To Do