Dermclinic’s 44th Anniversary

Dermclinic is one of the pioneer beauty clinics in beautifying women and men in the Philippines.

Last November 14, Dermclinic celebrated their 44 years in the beauty industry. For 4 decades in the beauty industry, that guarantees all their clients that they are in good hands. Modern machines to help us beautify and have a better skin. What I like about Dermclinic is that – Nurses will do your facial and Dermatologist will be the one to extract those nasty blackheads, zits and whiteheads. Now, that is a top notch service.

They let me try their facial and 3Face Laser. Before undergoing any laser procedure, I had a consultation first with their resident dermatologist and give me some point on the do’s and don’t of pre and post laser treatment. First, I had a facial with one of their registered nurse, then I transferred the other room where their 3Face Machine is.

3Face is one of their laser machine that targets fine lines and it helps us lessen our zits as well. The procedure took about 30 minutes. This includes – Diamond Peel, Suction and Skin Lifting. I have done a lot of laser procedures on my face and this helps improves my eye fine lines and because I’m 32 now it’s becoming more visible – Yeah! it sucks! But thanks to Dermclinic’s 3Face it helps to lessen it and I had much more glowing skin.

Dermclinic’s 44th Anniversary
Visit them at the South Wing SM Mall of Asia.

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