Distance Learning Program by Lenovo Edvision
Distance Learning Program by Lenovo Edvision

Distance Learning Program by Lenovo Edvision

This pandemic set us back, our daily lives, work, business, and most especially the education system. Education officials are addressing the unforeseen task of delivering distance learning for weeks, months, and probably the majority of the academic year as the main mode of instruction. What are the additional problems associated with distance education in school systems that aim to achieve equal outcomes in the traditional setting?

Teachers and students need time and practice to get used to it. It can sound daunting to include all students when the classroom in a video call. Lenovo Edvision and Microsoft offer a reliable and great platform for the school to better provide distance learning to their teachers and students.

Lenovo Edvision and Microsoft offers:

  • Lenovo Edvision and Microsoft Teams is a digital platform, where teachers are able to create lively environments for learning, discussions, information, assignments, and applications.
  • Create interactive classrooms and engage with colleagues in professional learning groups, all from a single experience and free to educators and students.
  • Build collaborative classrooms, connect in professional learning communities, and connect with colleagues when you get Office 365 – which includes Microsoft Teams and is free for your entire school.
  • Students and teachers get Teams for free
  • Commit students to virtual interactions and activities, or create a remote lunch that allows you to interact and enjoy classrooms, and this is free of charge for students and teachers with a valid school e-mail address.


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How are the teachers and students going to interact

  • Use of Microsoft team which is provided when you sign up with Lenovo Edvision.
  • Teams are an online classroom hub where your students can talk in groups with their entire classroom and individually with their teachers.
  • Video calls can also be made by your student through teams.

How are the teams controlled for the student to contact the teacher and activity?

  • Since education teams are built to act as digital classroom centers, teachers in classroom management can be assisted in various ways.
  • Teachers should quiet the students and delete the unproductive messages completely if they can add distractive or unsuitable messages to groups.

As a collaboration of Lenovo Edvision and Microsoft, gives unique teaching and learning features, teams provide students with a great opportunity to develop and practice digital citizenship along with their academic education.

To know more about the Lenovo Edvision and Microsoft and how to avail this, visit https://www.lenovo.com/ph/en/edvision and like their Facebook Page www.facebook.com/LenovoEdvision