Do’s and Dont’s for Colored Hair
Do’s and Dont’s for Colored Hair

Do’s and Dont’s for Colored Hair

had my hair colored using revlon products

Do’s and Don’ts for Colored Hair

A few days ago, I had the opportunity to have hair transformation by one of the leading brands in the Philippines when it comes to hair products. This brand is popular not just for salon owners but even to a household who does their DIY hair coloring.
Speaking of hair coloring, I will be giving you some do’s and don’ts for colored hair. My tips are based purely on my research over the internet and advice from friends who color/bleach their hair before.
FYI, the hair technician who does my hair color never gave us any idea on what to do and not to do after our hair coloring session at New Summit Colors Distribution Inc.

Revlon Philippines training center

Do’s and Dont’s:

1. After your hair had bleached and colored, you should have hair treatment like a hair mask, hair spa, hot oil or better Brazillian Keratin.
– Well, in our case we never experienced any of this especially my hair that was bleached for HOURS!!! when in fact the hair tech told me that it will only last for 30 minutes. 
– After 9 hours of hair coloring, the hair tech only sprayed some moisturizing serum into my hair when she said that their product is a hair treatment. My conclusion, it’s not a FREAKIN treatment!
my hair is colored using relonissimo new products
2. Because your hair is now colored, never ever use a White or light colored bath towel or else all the color will leave marks on your expensive and fluffy towel.
– This is the only TIP that my hair technician told me. THE ONLY ONE!
3. Never go to the beach or pool within 1 month period.
Remember, your hair is treated with bleach and other chemicals, so when you jump into the pool with chlorine expect that your hair color will fade and worst you will have hair fall after.
4.  Lessen using shampoo for 1 month.
You still have to shampoo your hair, of course, to remove dirt, however, do not shampoo your hair every day. To be safe, 3x a week is ok.
5. Use hair conditioner every day
– Because our hair is not treated with hot oil or any other proper treatment, using a sulfate free shampoo and conditioner will help your hair be manageable, smooth and the hair color will brighten.
So these are few of my tips on what to and not to do for your colored/bleached hair. If you have other tips, let me know in the comment section and I would love to add it on my list.
Today is the 4th day since my hair transformation. This photo is taken on the 2nd day. My scalp still has visible Violet color and even until now it still has. I don’t know when will this fade since the staff from Revlon NEVER told us about this and NEVER gave us tips on how to remove it or how long will it last on my scalp!
bad hair coloring by revlon hair technician
The Revlon staff used Revonissimo Colorsmetique to achieve this Purple ombre hair. A new line of Revlon that has an anti-age care system and infused with CCC Prolipid and Arginine.

The benefits of using this product are:

– your hair will be beautiful, reliable, and will have long-lasting shades.
– your hair will have a body
– your hair will be shinier as compare to another competitor brand
– easy detangling of wet and dry hair use after use
– new fragrance
Disclaimer: My hair is sponsored by Revlon Phils and my experience and review is honest and will not sugar coat anything just because we are invited to try their new products.
my new violet hair color c/o revlon philipines