Easy DIY Painting Trends To Do With Your Kids
Easy DIY Painting Trends To Do With Your Kids

Easy DIY Painting Trends To Do With Your Kids

Spending time at home with the kids in lockdown has become the norm in many cities due to the Covid -19 pandemic.

While going to the park or the mall may have been a way to bond with our kids in the past, now we have to keep them home and we need ways to help them manage lockdown stress.

One way to keep kids busy is to assign them house chores. Another is to engage in fun activities that teach them something. 

Painting is an excellent way to do this. You can teach kids about colors, help them develop fine motor skills, and keep them calm when they are bored or excited. 

It also allows kids to explore their creative side and is a fun way to create life-long memories.  

Here we give you some easy DIY painting ideas to enjoy with your kids.

7  enjoyable DIY painting ideas for kids

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1. Painting rocks

Garden rocks can be turned into something beautiful using acrylic paint.

Collect a few large rocks with the children, clean them up, and paint some beautiful things on them once they are dry. 

Try butterflies, flowers, strawberries, and ladybugs.

Let the kids use different colors to paint and explore their creativity.

Use these rocks as garden art or make displays out of them somewhere inside the home.

2. Beautify mason jars

Mason jars are useful in different areas of the home, but they are plain and could do with some color. 

Paint mason jars with your children and use them to store their art supplies such as crayons or treats such as cookies. They can also be used as flower vases. 

Use different colors to create a rainbow design on the mason jars or paint sunflowers on them. 

Apart from beautifying jars, you and the kids can also paint terracotta flower pots using acrylic paints. 

Once you finish, plant a few flowers or herbs in them together. The kids will enjoy seeing something grow in pots they have decorated.

3. Paper plate art

Paper plates are a great surface to paint on and can be used to create unique items. 

A simple art project is painting smiley faces on paper plates. You could also let the kids paint interesting things on them, such as sunflowers.  

You can then glue the paper plate art onto sticks and let them stand in an area the kids choose. 

Another great idea is to create paper plate flowers.  Paint a couple of paper plates in different colors and cut them into flower patterns of various sizes. 

Next, stick one plate over another from the largest to the smallest. You will have some colorful flowers you can display anywhere the kids like.

4. Paint stamping art

Use regular items such as potatoes, coins, and leaves to create stamp art using paint. 

Cut a potato or apple into two, let the kids dip the halves into the paint, and press them all over art paper. You will be left with prints you can use to create butterflies.

You can do this by drawing the body of a butterfly in between two prints using crayons. 

Just ensure the stamps are dry first before filling in the butterfly’s body. 

5. Plastic wrap art

Apart from stamp art, there is another fun and easy way for your kids to work with paint. 

You need art paper and plastic wrap for this, along with different colors of acrylic paint.

Pour dots of the different paints on the paper and lay plastic wrap over it. Let the kids enjoy pressing their hands all over the plastic wrap and spread it around as they like. 

Once they remove the plastic wrap and let it dry, you will have a colorful and unique piece of artwork you can frame.

6. Paint T-shirts

Kids enjoy wearing t-shirts that have designs they love. 

Using stencils, they can paint unique designs on t-shirts using craft acrylic paint. 

Help them cut out stencils such as birds, fish, or smiley faces. Stick the stencils on a shirt and let them paint over it. 

The design they choose will be left on the t-shirt giving them a beautiful, unique item to wear.

Handprints on shirts are another good idea if you are okay with the kids dipping their hands in paint. 

7. Painting circles

Teaching kids about shapes can be done through painting too. Use disposable cups or bottle cups for this.

Teach them how to dip the drinking end of a paper cup into paint and stamp circles all over art paper.  

Let the kids get creative by choosing how they want to stamp the circles all over the paper. 

To make the exercise even more fun, paint the inside of the circles in different colors. You could also use items of other shapes for this artwork. 

Keeping your kids safe while doing DIY projects

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The Covid -19 pandemic has forced us all to be more careful about our surroundings. 

While you want to enjoy painting and crafts with your kids, keep in mind that you need to find ways to reduce the chances of them coming into contact with germs.  

Use these tips to ensure playtime with the kids is a germ-free exercise.

  • Ensure they wash hands with soap and water before and after playing.  Hand washing using soap and water is the best way to clean hands and get rid of germs. 
  • Disinfect the surfaces they play or eat on, such as countertops or mats, with a mild bleach solution.
  • If you are using tablets or other hand-held devices to look up painting tutorials and fun games, clean them with a microfiber cloth dipped in distilled water and rubbing alcohol before the exercise.
  • Your kids may prefer doing their DIY artwork on the floor, in which case you should spread mats for them to work on. Use mats made of materials such as bamboo, which has amazing antibacterial properties.

A permanent solution to germs

Cleaning surfaces regularly is a great way to keep germs at bay, but you can’t do it all the time. 

Why don’t you cut down on your worries by using anti-bacterial and anti-microbial technology to protect your kids from microbes

Finishes made using these technologies do not allow harmful microorganisms to grow or survive on them. 

They also make it easier to care for your home and keep your children free from infections.

Some great examples are;

  • Biocidal paint contains additives that make it resistant to bacteria, fungus, and other harmful pathogens. Use it in high traffic areas such as kitchen walls or playrooms. 
  • Materials such as stainless steel and lead-free copper are excellent for countertops as they are anti-microbial. 
  • You could also consider sealing surfaces such as kitchen islands with an antimicrobial protective coating.
  • The chairs your kids love to sit on when playing or eating can harbor a lot of germs. Therefore, upholster chairs with fabrics that are bleach-cleanable enable you to disinfect them regularly. 

Last word

These are a few painting projects you can enjoy with your kids. 

We’ve also given you some tips on how to keep germs at bay to ensure your children stay healthy and happy even as they do crafts and have fun at home.

Author: Pauline Green