Fil-Global Immigration Services Corporation
Fil-Global Immigration Services Corporation

Fil-Global Immigration Services Corporation

Many Filipinos are planning to study and live in Australia. Last quarter of 2016, Australian government changed their 457 VISA  (family visa) meaning, foreign workers/skilled professionals cannot bring their family with them and live with them regardless if the worker/employee has already a permanent residency. One exception to the rule is the Nurses, nursing student who plans to live in Australia after finishing school.

Getting to Australia via Tourist Visa

Before traveling to Australia with a Philippine passport, you have to apply for a tourist visa is granted you have an option to choose – 3 month, 6 months or 9-month stay. For me and my daughter, we have a 3-month tourist visa stay. Applying for an Australian Visa is thru online now, you just have to present all needed documents and pay the visa processing fee, our’s was processed and got the result after 5 days. You can apply for a visa even without a ticket yet you just have to put in the form on the intended date of your travel and stay in Australia.

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However, if you are still eager to work in Australia and wants a sure slot on finding that dream job in your favorite city like Darwin, Perth or any part of Australia there is one private institution that brings and helps students and workers to Australia. Truth – it’s not as easy as pie getting that job in Australia because employers are requiring a lot of certifications, work experience, and IELTS (English proficiency test).
Fil-Global Immigration Services Corporation helps students and workers/skilled professionals to review and take a test on IELTS. The company will also help students and workers to find an accommodation at your budget. How great is that? Another good news is not only they help Filipinos fulfill their dream in Australia but also in United Kingdon, New Zealand, Malta, Spain and many other countries. 
Fil-Global offers various English programs that are designed to meet the needs and demands of their client. Each program is designed to the needs of the students who want a specific English skill. The company also helps their clients on their health insurance and when you’re able to pass the test and able to live/study/work abroad that will stop their concern and help to their client yet they still continue to check and monitor if they’re client are able to settle properly in the country they intended to go.
Planning to study/work or live abroad then visit their website if you have other concerns and questions at or visit their head office at 12/F Times Plaza Building, UN Avenue, Ermita Manila. 


Getting to Australia with the help of Fil-Global Immigration Services Corporation