First-Hand Experience with HONESTBEE PHILIPPINES

Photo of Honest Bee Mobile App

My First-Hand Experience with HONESTBEE PHILIPPINES


Last year, I have been seeing feeds on my Facebook and Instagram about Honestbee. I never paid attention to it as I was thinking it’s just the same mobile app for restaurant finder. But, a few hours ago I read about it on facebook saying that it has a 200 pesos discount for first-time customers and immediately, I open the Play store on my phone and download the app HONESTBEEPH.
meat slection in palengke using honest bee


Just like any other app, you have to create a profile with username and password. And after creating one for myself, I input my location and found out that not only I can order food from restaurants nearby but also I can do online grocery!
The nearest market/palengke to my location is Pasay Fresh Market. And see photos below that I can buy meat, veggies, fruits and even poultry products like the egg.
Prices are fairly ok and definitely cheaper than Puregold, SM hypermarket and other BIG groceries in the Philippines. What I like about this app is I’m able to maximize my time while staying in my house, doing house chores while waiting for the arrival of my groceries. Also, it’s very convenient for all stay-at-home moms who can’t go out of the house.

Things I ordered:

2 kinds of Beef cut
Pork Sausage
Mixed veggies
vegetable choices that you can buy using honest bee mobile app


fruit slection using honest bee mobile app


I paid 1,066 PHP (inclusion of 100 pesos delivery charge).


things i bought using honest bee mobile app


A must download the mobile app for any individual who’s lazy going to the mall or palengke. Oh, by the way, I checked all the items I purchased and all weighed perfectly. Meat and fish are fresh as well as the fruits and veggies.

First-Hand Experience with HONESTBEE PHILIPPINES

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