Food Crawl at Westgate Alabang

One of the best thing to do is eat – do you agree? Trying out different restaurant in 1 day is heaven for me. Cons – I will get fat, but hell I care if I’m gonna be able to try the best food in 5 restaurant – I don’t mind that, lol.

South has so much to offer in food and drinks. And we’re able to visit 5 restaurant in 1 day. These are: Bugsy’s Bar & Bistro, Sushi Ninja, Neil’s Kitchen, Melo’s and Detoxify Bar. First stop is Bugsy’s.
Buffalo Chicken with Blue Cheese Dip – a not too spicy and very tolerable hotness on this badass chicken. Chicken is perfectly seasoned and just enough spiciness which Filipinos love.
This is one of my fave chicken dish at Bugsy’s – Sweet Glazed Chicken. I’m positive that my kid will love this chix. Crispy chicken with sweet sauce.
Chicken #7 – this is not yet on their menu. Why Chicken #7? Because it’s tossed with Jack Daniel’s. Yup! Chicken with alcohol is a must try here.
2nd stop is Sushi Ninja and we had Kobe Toshi. Fried sticky rice topped with thinly sliced beef and wasabi and caviar.
I’ll be very honest on saying that I’m not a big fan of Japanese cuisine. I only eat tempura and that’s it but being a food blogger give me a reason to try the unfamiliar and “not my type” food. It’s my first time to try this raw tuna salad and I only had one bite and that’s it. But hey! it’s an accomplishment for me to try a new food.
3rd stop is at Neil’s Kitchen and they served us this unusual paella dish. We Filipinos love pork sinigang and this time we all had a first try to this Sinigang Paella with grilled Pork Belly. This is to-die for dish. Topped with crispy kangkong and the paella really tastes pork sinigang. I love this dish and will definitely be back at Neil’s Kitchen and order this again.
4th stop is Melo’s Steak. They served us this huge cut of steak – Christmas Steak Roulade with Turkey Stuffing and Sweet potato. Perfectly cooked beef that you can really taste and appreciate that they used a prime beef.
Our final stop is Detoxify bar. What a great way to end out tummy-full day with this Berries Smoothie Bowl. With fresh Kiwi, Strawberry, Nuts and mashed Banana is heaven!
So south peeps and even north peeps, visit Westgate Alabang and try one or two of their restaurants and enjoy the goodness of south restaurants offer.

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