Food Review – BB-Q Chicken and Pizza Starmall Daang Hari

I like any pasta and one of my all time fave is pizza. I know it’s not healthy coz it’s greasy, however, I still enjoy and would want to eat atleast a slice every month, lol.

Chicken and Pizza is a famous restaurant in Korea and now, there’s about less than 10 branches here in the Philippines. They offer famous Korean dishes and some American faves like chicken, pizza, salads and pasta.

Bibimbab is a mixed rice with veggies and meat.

Japchae is a noodles dish with veggies and some meat. What I like about this dish is that you can really taste that this is an asian cuisine because of the sesame oil on it.


All meat pizza – yummy!

Shrimp Spoon Pizza – a non traditional pizza that is so thin and so cheesy that you have to use a spoon to eat this pizza.

These 3 kinds of Chicken is one of our fave here. A mixture of Paris Chicken with sweet glaze. Original fried chicken and hot and spicy chicken.

Seafood Carbonara – has a generous amount of shrimp, squid and mussels. A bit blant to taste and the owner said, that’s what Koreans want with their pasta.

Our visit here in BB-Q Chicken and Pasta is worth-it! Visit them at Starmall Daang Hari.

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