FREE WiFi While On Board with Philippine Airlines

I would say that I am a cheap traveler or some call it budgetarian. I love traveling as much as I love saving money at the same time. I already started my journey on traveling all 81 provinces in the Philippines and at the same time traveling around Asia and soon in Australia next year. 
Philippine airlines are the flag carrier of the Philippines and have been operating more than 25 years and what better way to improve their service is to offer WiFi while onboard, while enjoying your trip to Melbourne, Tokyo Narita, Tokyo Haneda, Osaka, Nagoya, Honolulu*, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Doha, Hong Kong, Jeddah, Riyadh, Kuwait, Dammam, and Bangkok via Airbus A330 and the B777-300ER.

This is BIG and good news for us tech freaks who wants to be online almost 24/7. You can be online for 30-minutes and able to upload your airplane selfie, videos, and groufie, lol. 

PAL also offers myPAL eSuite that will allow us passengers be entertained while on board with 300 hours of free movies. How cool is that? This will kill our boredom when we are on a long flight from Manila. Aside from movies, you can choose over TV shows or even music from either personal TV or overhead screens. Music comes from an Ipod which is fully charged when you use it. 
Sometimes, I travel with my 6 y/o kid and this is a huge help on keeping them on their seat and quiet. 

Pres Release:
PAL President and Chief Operating Officer Jaime J. Bautista said, “As we embark on our journey to become a five-star, full-service carrier and a source of pride for Filipinos everywhere, we will continue to enhance our customers’ experience. Ultimately, making more people to fall in love even more with Philippine Airlines.”  
“Our goal is to offer attractive in-flight entertainment & connectivity services to deliver a pleasant travel experience to our passengers. Our redefined in-flight entertainment aims to move Philippine Airlines towards the vision of becoming a five-star full-service national carrier of the Philippines, the airline of choice in all markets we serve and become a source of pride for Filipinos everywhere,” Bautista added. 
I can’t wait to fly again with PAL and personally experience this new features and services. 

FREE WiFi While On Board with Philippine Airlines

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