Fuel Up Your Car with Caltex Techron

Caltex/Chevron has been in the Philippines for so long for giving PH consumers a choice to gas your most loved car. 

Press Release:

“The Caltex Star stands for quality, value, and service. Most importantly, it stands for our commitment to you, our customer. Our creed of quality, professionalism, service and efficiency dictates that you are always satisfied with our distinctive value through modern and well-managed facilities, high-quality products and services, and fast but never rushed service.

In an ever-changing world, there are few constants; man’s need for energy is one of them. Our desire to shape our world and move within it continues to grow every day, and we need the energy to fuel that journey.

It has been Caltex’s pleasure to assist in fuelling people’s journeys for the past 75 years. The Caltex brand has itself had an eventful and exciting journey that started back in 1936 and will continue long into the future. As a brand that constantly evolves to best meet the needs of customers, it has grown and changed perspectives many times in many interesting parts of the world.”

Engineer Greg Engeler the Product Engineering Manager of Chevron Asia Pacific has announced the newest gas technology of Caltex/Chevron – the new and improved Caltex with Techron. Why new and improved? Right now, aside from Silver and Gold Gas, Caltex offers Platinum with 95% octane. Much cleaner and improved gas performance for your car.

It’s unfortunate like me that uses Diesel for my SUV however, they will soon have this kind of technology to their Diesel as well. I just hope it will be soon so my SUV can experience better performance.
According to Engineer Greg Engeler- Our new Clean & Glidetechnology is specially formulated to clean and protect your engine – giving the same proven cleaning performance that you’ve come to expect from Techron®, but now with friction modifiers which are designed to protect metal components and improve efficiency by reducing friction. Continued use of Caltex with Techron also boosts the benefits of our 5-star fuel with maximized power and improved fuel economy over time.”

The launch has been graced by the Caltex/Chevron head and executives together with us media and few car groups as well. Car enthusiast will have more option to have a cleaner and better performance car.

Fuel Up Your Car with Caltex Techron

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