Fun Activities at Selah Garden Hotel
Fun Activities at Selah Garden Hotel

Fun Activities at Selah Garden Hotel

Hotel staycations are now a must-do of any busy individuals who want to relax and regain energy from a tiring week or months of hard-working.  People living in the metro will always prefer going of town to refresh their mind and soul but there is one hotel in Pasay that you can consider an oasis in the metro – Selah Garden Hotel Pasay

Selah Garden Pasay – An Oasis in the Metro

A few weeks ago, my colleagues and I had fun activities at Selah Garden Hotel. Located in the heart of Pasay, a few minutes walks from LRT Libertad station and Taft MRT Station. If you’re too lazy to walk, you can hail a cab or tricycle from both train stations and you will be at the hotel in 5minutes or less. That’s how strategic the location of Selah Garden Hotel.

Outside the hotel has a few establishments where you can buy snacks, milk tea, and beers. However, the hotel has an in-house restaurant where they serve unique and delicious Filipino Cuisine. We have tried their few dishes during our lunch and dinner.

Hotel Food:

During our lunch, we had Negra Grilled Pork Belly, Roasted Chicken with Fried Sweet Potato, and Pinakbet.
yummy lunch at selah garden hotel
At dinner, we had the classic Kare-kare, Laing and Crispy Pork while having a karaoke night with DB Media PH Bloggers. At the same time, I celebrated my birthday with these amazing Bloggers who are always there to support my Blogging Projects.
TLC Karaoke room is available for 6,000 PESOS / 110, USD for 3 hours, good for 10 pax. Inclusions are 1 round of pica-pica (peanuts, chicharon, sisig), 1 round of beer, and iced tea.
yummy dinner at selah garden hotel
During our 1st day, we had a super fun group/team building activities with my colleagues. We do not expect that this team building prepared for us by the Selah Garden staff will be so much enjoyable and we’ll have strong bonds/connections with each other.
These activities include:
High Ropes
Bridge Walking
Wall Climbing
Tap Fall
Mind and Group activities
fun group activities at selah garden hotel
Activities like zip line in selah garden hotel
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I have to say that this is one of the best hotel staycations I ever had. I have reviewed about 50+ hotels in my 4 years as a Travel Blogger but this so far is my fave. Not just we had a comfy stay in our rooms with my Blogger Colleagues but were able to strengthen our friendship with these fun and amazing group activities.
We laughed till we cry, lol. We had nerve-wracking experience with their zip line, bridge crossing, and high ropes. I as a not-s0 adventurous momma were able to do 2x zipline and crossed a hanging bridge that is so shaky. But it was fun!
fun activities at selah garden hotel

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hotel rooms at selah garden hotel
Flagship Room double occupancy for 3,200 PHP per night and their triple room is for 3,800 PHP.
Cozy Room double occupancy is 3,800 PHP
Fantastic Loft is good for 4-5 pax, 5,100 PH per night
Fabulous Suite is good for a 5-6pax ad it’s 5,900 per night
Fantabulous Loft is food for 7 pax for 6,700 PHP per night
Stellar Suite is good for 10 pax for 13,000 PHP per night
Bunk Room has 4, 6 and 8 beds for 800/bed.
Clique Room is good for 10 pax for 800/night.
These are all Published Rates. They have ongoing promos and I suggest to call them and ask for discounted rates.

Instagramable Hotel:

Yup! I love how Selah Garden Hotel able to maximize its hotel. They have a nice swing and in their garden area, you can also have picnics, yoga and just chill by the pool area.
bloggers friends at Selah garden hotel
Now, you don’t have to drive all the way to Tagaytay, Batangas, Laguna or even in Baguio just to have Team Building. Selah Garden Hotel Group Activities caters company, a group of friends, and government offices.

To know more of these, you may call them at +632-5111331 / +6328997080

Email them at or

Visit their website at

Fun Activities at Selah Garden Hotel