Funtastic Toys and Bag: Affordable and Quality Products
Funtastic Toys and Bag: Affordable and Quality Products

Funtastic Toys and Bag: Affordable and Quality Products

Funtastic International INC started at 1999 and they wanted to give great quality and great design of products that ordinary Filipino family can afford to buy school bags for their kids, teens and even young adult.

At first, the company started selling toys that grow into school bag then footwear then accessories. Now, products are branded by Funtastic and designed by Filipinos and manufactured in China. Their kids school bags are somehow looked like by Disney Princesses and other Disney characters but their own designs and brand gives environmental tips and good/positive attitude to educate kids as well.


Half the price of the regular amount that you can see in the mall.
ZIGO is designed by Mr. Rex’s son – Niko who is only 14 years old. He is inspired by the brand LEGO and because LEGO is pretty much expensive so they decided to make a FILIPINO brand that Filipino masses would be able to buy building blocks that their creativity will be enhanced. A remote control car that you have to build first and you can drive it using RC. Price is only 800 PHP / 16 USD.
Creadough is my kids favorite. A quality dough that is cheap but great quality. For 200 PHP / 4 USD you have your own CREADOUGH set.


Baby Bliss offers baby toys and babies needs like mommy/baby bag, baby stroller, baby mats, a rocking chair which are all FDA approved and one of their pride is their Baby Development Guide. Dra. Ana Triker is their partner in developing a quality toy for our babies mind development. Again, prices are half the price of the leading and popular baby brand. This Elephant Musical plush toy is only 500 PHP / 10 USD.



Trolley bags costs 4,000 PHP / 80 USD in the mall but Funtastic bags costs only 2,000 PHP / 40 USD.


Chichi chose this bag and she’s been using it ever since we had this trolley bag.



Funtastic Toys and Bags are all available in major supermarkets, shopping malls nationwide from Luzon to the Visayas.


Funtastic Toys and Bag: Affordable and Quality Products