Getting An Insurance In Preparation For Your Future
Getting An Insurance In Preparation For Your Future

Getting An Insurance In Preparation For Your Future

Many lessons of life must be learned from living a messy life, but our parents learn some of the most valuable lessons and we should learn from them as well. Often times, we think that when they tell us to do this, and not do that, we take it against us. However, these are all the life lessons they learned and they just wanted us to have a better life. 
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Life lessons I learned from my parents

1. It’s important to link up with and value nature with activities like cycling, working in the garden and trying to recycle more.

2. Who you marry is one of your life’s biggest decisions

Parents also are fountains of wisdom when it comes to  marriage, as some of us have gone through second marriages.  So you know how important it is to make  sure that you choose the right person when you marry.

3. Pusue what you love

They taught us to dream big and aim those visions we have in our minds. They are always in our side to push us and support whatever decisions we will have in our life.

4. Admit your mistakes

Unadmitting your mistakes is one of toxic people’s habits.  It is important to be able to cope with your errors, to apologize  and commit to doing better when you harm someone and to do so.

5. Learn from your mistakes

I had ups and owns in the past 35 years of my existence and they never judged me. This made me a stronger woman I am now.

6. Invest and Save

Life insurance is intended to provide financial security for your loved ones if you die. The key advantage is tax-free payouts, but life insurance benefits extend beyond extra income. Both my parents have Life Insurance and this made me think to get one. Honestly, I have 2 at the moment and planning to get another one.
Having a life insurance will give peace of mind and security to your beneficiaries. Your parents, your spouse or your children. There are payment scheme like 5/10 Year Pay which is perfect for
legacy planning.
Life insurance gives your dependents  beneficiaries cash. When you die, restore your missed earnings. This money is available to the beneficiaries and can be used for anything—funeral, living, education, mortgage payments, or charitable donations.
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