Going Green With Refill N Beyond
Going Green With Refill N Beyond

Going Green With Refill N Beyond

Nowadays, Filipino households are going green and even Filipino youths are well educated enough to better our society and our environment. Refill N Beyond is here to help every Filipino household and even small, medium, and corporate business to use toxic-free bath and household essentials.

Going Green with Refill N Beyond

There are so many ways to go green and have a sustainable life. In a very simple way of using non-toxic ingredients to our household kits are very essential today.

If you have a kid or you yourself are suffering from skin asthma like me and my kid, where we can easily get rashes and bumps when were using high fragrant soaps and shampoos, imagine the suffering of our skin for weeks and even for months.

But with Refill N Beyond bath essentials, you and your whole family are safe and your skin will thank you for using mild and chemical-free liquid bath soap, detergents, dishwashing liquids and a lot more.

Bath Liquids and Detergents


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Business Opportunities for Start-up entrepreneurs






If you want to use or perhaps want to start a small business in your home and/or online, for as low as 1,500 PHP / 30 USD you can have a sustainable household product.


2 Gallons of any products you want (liquid body soap, hand soap, detergent, fabric conditioner)

1 Liter of your choice (liquid body soap, hand soap, detergent, fabric conditioner)


Refill N Beyond is now distributing liquid bath essential to some hotels in Tagaytay, Manila, and Makati. A small business now starting to grow and wants every housewife, and young entrepreneurs to venture into this business. 


Going Green With Refill N Beyond