How To Score A Cheap Airfare
How To Score A Cheap Airfare

How To Score A Cheap Airfare

Do you have a DREAM DESTINATION for your SOLO travel or perhaps with your partner? Have you been planning on traveling around the Philippines and abroad?

As a Travel Blogger, I always search for a Seat Sale promo almost every month and I even cross-checked it with other booking websites just to be sure that I am getting the BEST airfare. But this is not enough to get your dream travel!

Here are my tips on How To Score A Cheap Airfare:


1. Subscribe to all your favorite Airline – Local and Internation Companies. 
This is your Number 1 chance to get the BEST promo. All you need to do is sign up and you will immediately have a subscription and will receive the latest promo of the airline company.
2. Get Miles Subscription
Aside from the monthly subscription, YOU MUST get a Miles Subscription because airline companies often give a special promo. A few months ago, I was able to book a flight Manila-Tacloban-Manila via Airasia and I only used my Miles/Points and paid the web fee and TAX. Usually, the Manila-Tacloban roundtrip airfare ticket will cost 3,000 PHP / 60 USD but because I used my AirAsia points, I only paid 200 PHP for my roundtrip ticket!
This week, I was able to book a roundtrip ticket from Manila to Legazpi and again, I used my points (Cebupacific Getgo – 40 points only!!!) and just paid web fee and TAX of 600 PHP.
3. DO NOT rush on booking especially on Seat Sale!
A most important trick I learned is to never book a flight when everyone is booking at 12 midnight until 5 in the morning. Airline promo starts at 12 midnight and every Traveler is waiting for that clock to strike 12 and boom! The airline website will crash and it will take you forever to book that roundtrip ticket. So better book a flight in the morning, after lunchtime, when everyone is busy and working.
4. Choose your travel date during weekdays.

Cheap flights are always on weekdays from Tuesday to Thursday.


5. Download Booking Mobile App

Recently, I was able to book a domestic flight via Traveloka and only paid 1,100 PHP for roundtrip airfare. I am starting to LOVE TRAVELOKA – for real!!!

I do not have the patience for many things but I have 200% PATIENCE when booking a flight especially on a Seat Sale promo. That’s why I am able to travel CHEAP and able to go to places I’ve been wanting to see by not getting broke, lol! ??
Good luck and Happy Traveling!!!