HUNGRY? Food Panda Delivery is the answer!

HUNGRY? Food Panda Delivery is the answer!

As a mom who is tied-up with house chores, taking care of my child, and attending events sometimes I didn’t have time to cook especially if I got lots of things to do in one whole day. Instead of driving to the nearest fast food chain in my house and of course it will take up much time to drive and will not be able to finish whatever I’m doing that day at home, I will order PIZZA online. 
One of my fave Pizza Restaurant in BF Aguirre is D’ Marks. They offer great pizza and pasta! Yes! I’m a sucker for pasta and pizza and so as my kid, lol. I order my fave pizza in FOOD PANDA. You can visit or you can simply download their app, available both for IOS and Android phones and tablets. 

Open the app or just simply go to and key in your address. Mine is Las Pinas and I key in my Barangay address. You will list of restaurants that cater your area/address. 

Oh, by the way, you can also use Food Panda vouchers (if you have) but not all stores accept that so I strongly suggest to call the branch restaurant before ordering. 

For every restaurant they have their own minimum delivery amount so better check carefully. 

After ordering you have an option to log in via Facebook and just simple create an account in Food Panda for easier access on your next online order. 
The restaurant I ordered accepts Food Panda voucher (yey!) and cash payment. Some restaurant accepts credit card. And after ordering you will receive a conformation email and the restaurant will call you to confirm your order and asks for additional order (if you have).
It’s so simple right? So go ahead and download Food Panda app on your mobile and order your favorite food. 

HUNGRY? Food Panda Delivery is the answer!

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