Iloilo – Where to Stay, Where to Eat, What to do
Iloilo – Where to Stay, Where to Eat, What to do

Iloilo – Where to Stay, Where to Eat, What to do

I have been wanting to visit Iloilo so bad because I want to try the original Batchoy. And luckily I have an opportunity to have a quick visit in Iloilo. Aside from Batchoy, Iloilo is also famous for its wide range of churches in the city. It is also the first to be a rural city in Panay island, no wonder the city has many shopping malls, establishments – restaurant, bar, hotels etc. and a big airport. 
Going to Iloilo via Manila:
Domestic direct flight from Manila to Iloilo is about 1 hr plane ride via CebuPac and PAL. 
If you want a quick stop to Guimaras you may do so as it is only less than an hour away from the airport going to the port of Guimaras. 
Because I only have 2 days to explore this beautiful city and I was really exhausted from my 5 days tour in Antique, a better way to relax and have a good night sleep is to stay at SEDA ATRIA ILOILO. SEDA is a Filipino word for “silk”. This hotel is considered as a 4-star hotel and already operating for 1 year in Atria Iloilo. 
What I love about my room is that it have a contemporary, minimalist and very homey design that anyone will not want to get off their bed as its very comfortable with a soft duvet and very cool a/c. Well, I cannot do that coz I have limited time to discover Iloilo. My room costs around 4,000 PHP / 87.00 USD. Equipped with King size bed, seating area, computer table, coffee and tea maker, complete toiletries and enough size bathroom, with 40-inch LED tv and 2 bedside lamps. 

For bookings at Seda Atria, please call 506 8888 or email Other Seda hotels are located in Metro Manila, Cagayan de Oro, Davao, and Laguna, with much more in development in selected destinations in the Philippines.

As I said earlier, I am anticipating to try the famous and original Batchoy here in Iloilo but aside from Batchoy, Iloilo is also known for Biscocho and other delicacies like Butterscotch, Mango tarts and a lot more.

While walking alone around the downtown I was able to see and appreciate these old structures in Iloilo. Some became a building establishments while others are government offices.

Atria is just beside my hotel – SEDA and I had lunch at Misono, a Japanese restaurant that offers affordable value meals. I ordered pork tonkatsu for only 99 pesos with free iced tea. Not the best tonkatsu but it fills my hungry tummy from my 2-hr ride from Antique to Iloilo.

I had dinner at Netong’s in Atria Seda. For only 90 pesos I have a special Batchoy with noodle soup, pork strips, egg, and chicharon.

Found this local food along the streets of downtown – I actually have no idea what this is but it looks yummy, though!

The Miag-ao Church or also known as Sto. Thomas de Villanueva Parish is a Catholic church found in Miagao Iloilo. One of the famous Roman Catholic church in Iloilo for its beautiful intricate design. 

I will still have to go back in Iloilo probably next year to explore more the city and see other churches and tourist spots here. It was short trip yet I was able to see the beauty of this city (at least for a day).

Where to Stay – Seda Atria Hotel
Where to Eat – Atria Mall, Food stalls (street food), inside shopping malls like SM and Ayala Malls.
What to Do – street photography at downtown, visit churches. 

Iloilo – Where to Stay, Where to Eat, What to do