La Germania: A Chic Driven Kitchen Appliance
La Germania: A Chic Driven Kitchen Appliance

La Germania: A Chic Driven Kitchen Appliance

best cooking appliance is la germania italia
One of my fave bonding time with my kid is aside from shopping, watching movies is we both love to cook. My love for pasta and anything with tomato sauce has passed onto my child and if my kid is in a good mood and I am as well, lol. I will let her help mommy to cook especially with our fave pasta and sometimes we bake cakes and cookies.
Did you know that La Germania is one of the trusted cooking appliances not just in the Philippines but also in many other countries? The brand understands that every woman has different needs, and especially when it comes to preparing meals to her family and friends.

Through the years of excellent work and dedication, the leading kitchen appliance manufacturer has provided every lady of the household with a perfectly matched partner in the kitchen. As a mom and I believe as women who have a passion for cooking would want a reliable and durable appliance.

During the La Germania event at the Alabang Town Center, husband and wife chefs – Chef Rolando and Chef Jac Laudico conducted a cooking demo during the CHIC DRIVEN EXPO, an annual event that advocates helping women become a better version of themselves.

yummy dish
yummy dish cooked using la germania

Chef Rolando cooks a simple barbeque chicken but he makes it more special by making an unconventional sauce made from different herbs and spices, and even added dark chocolate to his sauce mix. And surprisingly, the dish tastes awesome and if you are an adventurous type like me who loves to try other cuisines, I bet you like this dish too.

After showcasing the two new models: The G702EF and FS521 00GB, the two amazing chefs tested the reliability and durability of La Germana’s products. An on-the-spot cooking for less than 30-minutes really tested the needs of anyone who wants to prepare easy and fast meals.

La Germania is the leading kitchen appliance brand that’s been loved and used by many Filipino cooks and generations.


La Germania: A Chic Driven Kitchen Appliances