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LEGIT Online Medical Consultation in the Philippines

This PANDEMIC has been giving me anxiety and a dilemma on where I should bring my child whos been suffering from atopic dermatitis for several months now. I really don’t want to bring her to a clinic because my paranoia is that we might get COVID if I bring her to a hospital or clinic for a check up.

I tried asking my friend (Millie) and she said she’s not familiar with online consultations because as I remember it was advertised on Facebook that there are several clinics and doctors who give FREE CONSULTATION. I don’t mind paying since we have enough funds to get a paid check-up and medicine for her skin asthma. My only concern is to where I could get this Online Check-up.

I researched on google and came across to this website/app HEALTH NOW. I downloaded it and to my surprise, it’s totally LEGIT!

I believe Health Now is the Clinic App of Healthway Philippines.

HealthNow Mobile App Step-by-step

  1. Download the Mobile App
  2. Sign up
  3. Click Consult Later and choose the right doctor you need for your medical concern
  4. Pick a schedule date and time
  5. Fill up thr form so the doctor will have an info of your medical concern with photos (if needed)
  6. Pay online via GCash or Debit/Credit Card
  7. Wait for your confrmation in the app
  8. Once confirmed, make sure to be online 5 minutes before your scheduled time
  9. Your video chat with your doctor via ZOOM is recorded on doctors end
  10. After the online consulation (30minutes) you will be given a prescription via app and you may use it to show to the pharmacist


health now by healthway

health now by healthway

health now by healthway

health now by healthway health now by healthway



This was a total life saver for me. We will have a follow-up checkup after 2 weeks and I hope my childs skin rashes is cured by then.


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