Top 5 Local Restaurants You Must Visit After the Quarantine Lockdown
Top 5 Local Restaurants You Must Visit After the Quarantine Lockdown

Top 5 Local Restaurants You Must Visit After the Quarantine Lockdown

Nobody expected that this pandemic will totally change our lives. From our daily routine to our usual hobbies and thing-a-ma-jigs that keeps us sane and connected with our loved one and friends. It all changed.

Some of us are fond of eating outside the comfort of our home. Maybe because you are not a good cook or you just enjoy the luxury of dining outside. Hence many of us now miss the ambiance of our favorite fast-food chain or your go-to restaurant and cafe where you and your partner or friends used to go to. To hang out, catch up or your favorite spot to enjoy sipping your favorite latte and with a good book.


Many establishments are now closing because they couldn’t afford to go bankrupt and instead save whatever they could to pay their employees and possibly debts. The best way that we can help these local and homegrown restaurants are to support them and buy from them. You may order food from them via Grab or Food Panda.

And after all this crazy whirlwind disaster and once the vaccine is out to the public and our government and WHO (world health organization) gave us a go signal that it is safe to mingle, get back to our old lives (which by the way the NEW NORMAL as they say), and we can all hang out to our favorite dining restaurant might as well check out these list of cafe and restaurant here in the south of Metro Manila.


Top 5 Restaurant You Need To Try:


5. DC Cheese

Location: 5th Avenue Food Park inside Bahayang Pag-Asa Cavite

Must Order: Rice Meals and Burgers

Budget for 2: 300 Pesos

One of the concessionaires in the food park that offers budget-friendly meals. Students nearby the area will surely enjoy their rice meals and for yuppies, you will enjoy most of their burgers and nachos. Paired it with a beer and buy your liquor in other concessionaires.


Dc cheese dc cheese dc cheese Dc cheese dc cheese dc cheeseDc cheese Dc cheese


4. Noychi

Location: Zaragoza st, BF Resort Las Pinas

Must Order: Dimsum, Noodles, Rice Meals

Budget for 2: 300 Pesos


If you are craving for Chinese food, then head over to Noychi and get to try their noodles where their head chef will make it in front of you. Serving fresh noodle soup every day.


noychi food beef noodlesoup braised beef with rice chicken feet boiled kuchay

3. Grill N Chill

Location: Molino Rd, Bacoor Cavite

Must Order: Baked Tahong, Grilled Liempo, Nachos, Shanghai

Budget for 2: 300-400 Pesos


Bacoor peeps will have a new chill place after work. This small restaurant is offering affordable rice meals, pulutan, and SUBZERO BEERS.


grill n chill


2. Southside Grill

Location: Manila Doctors Vill, Las Pinas

Must Order: Seafood and Meat Platter

Budget for 4: 600-1000 Pesos


For anyone who likes grilled food while having a beer and listening to a local band then over to this restaurant. During lunch, they offer unlimited crabs.


southside grill southside grill southside grill southside grill

1. Cold Layers

Location: EVIA Mall, Las Pinas

Must Order: Nachos, Sandwiches, Pasta, Chicken Tenders, Ice cold drinks

Budget for 2: 500-1000 Pesos


A perfect chill-date place in EVIA. Perhaps bring your kid here as well as they will love their sandwiches and ice-cold drinks.