Restaurant Staff: Nagkabahay sa Pagiging Online English Tutor
Restaurant Staff: Nagkabahay sa Pagiging Online English Tutor

Restaurant Staff: Nagkabahay sa Pagiging Online English Tutor


What work can you afford to do to save and get a home?

“I’m an online English tutor so there’s a supplement to my salary as a restaurant staff,” bea, 27, from Alaminos, Laguna, replied.  “It’s my dream because it’s a real housemate, so I’m going to double down”, he added.

Bea said they were only living with their relative because her parents couldn’t afford to pay rent. Their mother’s income from laundry and their dad’s drive by jeep goes only to their contribution to the cost of electricity and water, the food, and the costs of their three siblings at school. There is no money to build their own house.

“I promised myself that one day we would be home, so we wouldn’t have to live with our relatives any more. It’s free to dream, isn’t it?”, he joked.

Now, Bea can fulfill her promise to herself. On BellaVita, Sakto in Bulsa and affordable monthly falls. “I’ve had a great life that I’ve always dreamed of, it’s going to be real!”, Bea pansed.

For those like Bea, BellaVita has payment terms that will surely make the payment easier. The budget includes a reservation fee of 3,500 to Php 5,000, depending on the unit choice. If it’s downpayment, it can be put in place for 18 months.

There is also no need to worry because a few months before the downpayment payment is completed it may be possible to approve a housing loan to the bank or the Love Fund to pay off the remaining balance. If the love loan is approved, the minimum monthly amortization will be Php 1,887! So it’s really helpful for those earning a monthly salary of 12,000 down, like Bea.

If you’re like Bea and many other Filipinos who dream of having your own home, BellaVita is a real Sakto!

For more details, visit BellaVita social media channels or call 0917 853 5937 or 0917 826 9451.