Maintaining Your Car Is A Must
Maintaining Your Car Is A Must

Maintaining Your Car Is A Must

new car of Honda called Mobilio


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Maintaining Your Car Is A Must

19 years ago I learned how to drive, my papa taught how to turn on/off a car. My boyfriend that time taught me how to drive a car but never how to park our car. Weird right? So, 5 years ago when we bought our own car my dilemma is how to properly park our newly bought SUV and proper maintenance.

So, what are the basic maintenance for your car?

1. Check Tires
– I always check our car’s tire gauge every month. And especially if I will have a long drive.
2. Change Oil every 5,000 km
– This is one of the important maintenance for your baby. This will lessen huge damage to your car’s engine.
3. Car Wash

– As much as I can I will wash my car every week and once a month will wax it.

kid car washing an suv called mitsubishi montero outside the house


4. Check Radiator Water
– Never skip check your car’s water radiator or else your car will overheat
5. Check Battery level
– Do this in your local and trusted car shop
6. Under Wash
– I do this if I went on a very muddy road
7. Engine Wash
– I have a 5-year-old SUV and as far as I can remember I had my car’s engine wash for 2 times only.
8. PMS ( Periodic Maintenance Service)
– If you have a brand new car your first PMS is at first 1,000 km, next is at 5,000 km and then every after 5,000 thereafter.
– For every 5,000 km your car had, there are specific parts of your car needed to be changed. These are oil filter, oil (synthetic / fully synthetic), aircon fan, etc.
car photography of Honda Mobilio

So these are the important maintenance I do to my car. Owning a car is expensive especially maintaining a good, safe and smooth driving for your baby.

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