Minimalist Vibe Makeover by Photowall Sweden
Minimalist Vibe Makeover by Photowall Sweden

Minimalist Vibe Makeover by Photowall Sweden

It’s been a year since I transferred to our new house in the south of Metro Manila and since then my renovations and makeovers in my house are a never-ending project for me. I always wanted to have a minimalist and somehow I wanna create a hostel vibe in my living room and lounge area.

I have this design in my mind to have space outside my bedroom where I can read a book (well, it’s really been a while since I last sit and finish a book, lol!) chill, and finish a new series on Netflix. I used to have a TV in my bedroom and I don’t find it nice to always lie in bed, eat, and watch Netflix. So, I decided to move out of my television and make a lounge area just outside our bedrooms on the second floor of my house.

Photowall Sweden Wallpaper

My original plan is to redecorate my bedroom and put all wallpapers in my bedroom wall. But when I try to picture it out, I feel like my artworks hanging on the wall will be off and I will be taking all those out. So, my best choice is to make an accent wall in my living room area, lounge area, and I’m planning to make a NOOK. Since my vision is to have a HOSTEL VIBE / MINIMALIST DESIGN in the areas of my house to be a makeover, I choose a simple yet fun design wallpaper at


I carefully choose the design I wanted and I loved the simplicity yet vibrant and fun colorways of SUMMER HOUSE. The Fractal wallpaper design is available in 3 colorways, Pink, Blue, and Green. I chose Green since I love nature and I have tons of plants inside my house.

What’s Inside the Box:

Upon ordering online, I waited about a week or 8 days to be shipped from Sweden to the Philippines and when it finally arrived at my doorstep, I immediately opened the package and made a vlog about it so will see how easy it is to install this PREMIUM WALLPAPER of PHOTO WALL SWEDEN.


photowall kit


  • Premium wallpaper
  • Wallpaper kit
  • Cutter
  • Glue
  • Glue brush
  • pencil
  • small level bar
  • rolling pin
  • brush

How to:


old wall deisgn


It’s really easy to install the Photowall wallpaper. First, make the paste by adding the granules to a 1 liter of water. Clean the wall and make sure all paintings, dust, webs are all cleaned so the paste will easily be absorb on the wall. Concrete or wood no problem with that. Then Check your wallpaper and see the first photo and cut it using the cutter provided in the kit or if you have a sharp scissor you may use that as well.

The photo of your Wwallpaper is also provided so you will not have any trouble and all the wallpaper has numbers so you wil not have any problem on placing the right art/design. Use all the tools provided in the kit so the wallpaper will be alligned properly and it will not have any bubbles.

I finished my Living room accent wall for 1.5 hour because I have issues with my old wall and I needed to remove all the debris sticked on the wall and old paint as wall. 1 accent wall is about 5 sqm if I’m not mistaken. My living room wall is 2.5 meter in height and 2.5 meter wide.

Lounge Area:


lounge area


Living Room


living room

new wall


After several days cleaning the house and the walls, I am finally done with my living room and lounge area. I bought few pieces to finish the make over. Lists below:

Added furniture in my living room and lounge room

Living Room carpet: 1,500 Pesos  bought in Facebook Marketplace

Throwpillows: 450 Pesos each bought in Facebook Marketplace

Stool: comes with the Cleopatra lounge chair bought for 2,500 Pesos

Cleopatra chair: 2,500 Pesos bought in Facebook Marketplace

Throw Pillow cleopatra chair: 450 Pesos each bought in Facebook Marketplace


How do you like my make over? Yay or nay?


If you wanna purchase your wallpaper or mural visit   Follow them on Instagram and Facebook @PHOTOWALL SWEDEN


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