Movie Night Staycation at Moviebnb Pasig

staycation at Moviebnb Pasig


Movie Night Staycation at Moviebnb Pasig

If you know me well, I love staycations and checking out new hotels and hostels in the metro and even in provinces in the Philippines. I love how these chain of hotels and even start u hotels are coming up with their themes, interior designs, and concept on how to be unique with other competitors (hotels/hostel). Frequent travelers or should I say long-term travelers are looking for an accommodation that will suit for their needs and even family travelers are now looking for Air BnB whenever they are traveling, for them, it’s more convenient and cheaper as to compare if they’ll stay in a hotel.


wall art at Moviebnb Pasig


wall art Moviebnb Pasig


free popcorn while enjoying your stay at Moviebnb Pasig


comfy stay at Moviebnb Pasig


I start learning about Air Bnb just last year and since then whenever I will travel by group of friends we are now searching for an Air Bnb house or apartment, it is convenient if you are a light packer and you just have to wash your clothes so it would last for weeks of traveling. When we’re in Thailand, we’re fortunate to stay in a luxury hotel/apartment that has a washing machine and oven top. After days of traveling, we immediately washed our clothes because we’ll still be traveling for more than a week.

Here in the Philippines, Air Bnb is widely used not just by foreigners but also by local travelers. One of the many condominium apartments in Pasig caught my eye when viewing the Air Bnb app. It is a studio unit with a HUGE television plus the interiors are all movie poster. How cool is that? Feels like you are in your own comfy room having a movie night with your friends. And plus this accommodation gives you FREE popcorn for that movie night or when just playing games on their TIVO.

Room cost per night is 2,500 pesos only.

Movie Night Staycation at Moviebnb Pasig

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