Online Grocery Store Available in the Philippines
Online Grocery Store Available in the Philippines

Online Grocery Store Available in the Philippines

I always enjoy going to the supermarket, checking out new food products and grocery items. I most enjoy a supermarket that has complete items like hardware products, clothes, and furniture.

I would spend a minimum of 1 hr by just going to every isle of the supermarket just to be sure that I would be able to buy all our needed supplies for 1 week. Some folks would buy their 2-week groceries but I want to budget ours every week. My kid tends to eat everything she see in our pantry and most of the time, wasting snacks.

However, after being on lockdown in the Philippines because of Covid-19, I had no choice but to buy our supplies every 2 weeks only or once a month.

Since March I have been buying our staples online and this saves me time, gas, and energy going to the supermarket. I’m freaked and paranoid that I will get a virus if I’m exposed too long outside.

Now, there are so much Online Grocery app to choose from. You may download their mobile app and go to their website to buy your supplies.

Here are the grocery app you may want to download and check out:


All Easy

Robinsons Supermarket

Lazmart (Lazada)

S-Mart by Shopee

GrabMart (Grab)


I personally liked most Pickaroo, Lazmart, and Robinsons. Lazmart and Robinsons offers the right SRP of grocery items, meanwhile Pickaroo is that I’m able to shop in Landers and S&R with a delivery fee and personal shopper. In Lazmart they charge 250 Pesos delivery fee.