Palawans Vietnamese Restaurant: Viet Ville
Palawans Vietnamese Restaurant: Viet Ville

Palawans Vietnamese Restaurant: Viet Ville

One of the kept and almost forgettable old restaurant here in Palawan is Viet Ville. Located at Barangay Sta. Lourdes, Puerto Princesa, Palawan and near one of the famous tourist destination – Honda Bay Resort. Open Monday to Sunday from 8 in the morning till 9 in the evening.

Viet Ville is the first and only Vietnamese restaurant in Palawan. Opened in the 1970’s where Vietnamese refugees fled to the Palawan mainland and built a small village and later on  Filipino nuns opened this restaurant with the help of some Vietnamese  by cooking and serving authentic Vietnamese cuisine. 2 Vietnamese cooks authentic Vietnamese dishes and herbs and spices are imported from Vietnam as well. Right now, there are only 2 families left in the village and most of the Vietnamese families lived in the United States.


Inside the village, there is 1 Buddhist Temple and 1 Catholic Church.


A green scenery with years old trees will welcome you. And a photoshoot together with my blogger friends is a must here, lol.
Aside from the relaxing scenery here, authentic Vietnamese cuisine fills our tummy on our 2nd day in Palawan.
Here are their famous and best sellers food:
1. Chicken Spring Rolls for Php 80 / USD 1.7
Chicken spring rolls with vermicelli noodles and mint leaves. Never expected to eat 3 spring rolls for my appetizer, lol.


2. Refreshing Jasmine Ice Tea 
I had 2 glasses of this iced tea – it was so good and thirst quencher. 
3. Bo Kho / Beef Stew for Php 105 / USD 2.7
Mild spiciness  that is just right for my taste.
4. Lapu-Lapu Vietnamese Style for Php 135 per 100 grams / USD 3.00
In our table of 4, this fish is finished in no time, lol. That only means we really enjoyed this meal. 
5. Chicken with Lemongrass Rice Meal for Php 140.00 / USD 3.1
Tender chicken with right amount of lemon grass taste on it.
 6. Monggo Sapin-sapin (dessert)
It was a lovely lunch date with my blogger friends together with Direk Dante and his family.

Palawans Vietnamese Restaurant: Viet Ville

*Disclaimer: Viet Ville sponsored our lunch however, comments and review are honest and not biased*